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This is the last thread of "how to be a smart" here will be see how to be a smart Jason.

1- If you have traps put them in cars or fuse box so you will be alert if someone wanna put something

2- Never put traps on the boat because they are useless, unless you are in Crystal Lake and boat is not in a wooden port

3- ALWAYS collect knifes, they can be useful when someone don't stop running or when someone try to escape by the cops

4- When someone start the car and they are going backward and you are gonna shift to stop the car, DON'T try to stop the car from the front because it will not work

5- If you try to stop people try to kill you NEVER put traps on your shack because is not necessary because Pamela will alert you

6- When you are chasing somebody and you have a power box close, break it, you will scare the counselours and their stamina will recharge slower and their HUD will dissapear

7- If you are doing the step 1 and you see somebody, DON'T start chasing him because you will lose time.

8- When you killed everyone and just 1 person left to die but he's hiding, don't lose time searching him, start to broke doors and windows so you will have rage sooner.

9- When someone is doing the animation of cross the window, don't matter if he is inside of the cabin, broke the window when he is making the animation because you will hurt him.

10- If you are broking a door and a conselour put a trap on the entrance do shift and grab him if he still inside

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