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On 8/8/2017 at 3:54 PM, Vaderspupil said:

You're welcome to join me and my group.

PS4 name is Vaderspupil. :)

Vader does have the best groups. No doubt. :)

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On 8/8/2017 at 10:41 PM, bewareofbears said:

For new players:

It makes a lot of sense. Imagining just purchasing the game, getting into a game and then being tk'd shortly after the match starts. A portion of the existing playerbase, as evidenced by the player in the article in the OP, are bored with the game and are killing other counselors for fun. This allows new players to enter on an even playing field and I believe everyone's hope is that the playerbase will grow again at some point.


For existing players:

A lot of us are tired of it. As @Ban_All_Music has said several times, it doesn't reflect the films. For those bent on teamkilling, like @GrandMasterLynx always says: go to a private match.


About body blocking:

Body blocking doors will remain an issue. My suggestion would be to have counselors automatically dodge (where they jump backwards) when another player swings at them with a weapon. It would need to be tested though as ganging up on Jason could lead to players jumping back and leaving them open to a kill.


About players hoarding keys/gas/fuses/etc:

Not much can be done about that, I don't think. There is some precedent in the films where people take off with something that could've helped. The positive is this doesn't mean certain death, it means you'll have to work harder to survive. Teamkilling always means death.

Yes I always said private matches since that would help a lot of people but since they fixed TK in Public Match I would tell people if you don’t wanna be TK go to a public match 

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