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I thought  of a good challenge earlier when I was playing and then I completely forgot what it was. While trying to remember what it was I thought of a new competitive game. Hopefully I remember the original challenge sooner or later but until then I'll  post this new idea. 



In this mode there is no killing. It's like tag and hide and go seek. The objective is to not be grabbed by Jason. If Jason grabs you, you're it and you become Jason and Jason becomes the counselor selected in the lobby. Upon being tagged the person who was playing Jason and who is now a counselor is teleported to a random location away from the new Jason and the match continues.

You cannot escape but you can fix cars and boat to travel within the map. You can also set traps as Jason and counselors and gain xp through the normal gameplay mechanics(trapping, stunning, repairing, barricading, distracting, etc). Jason can still injury you and you can be injured  through other normal gameplay mechanics but you can't die, because the goal is for jason to catch you. When Jason catches somebody they return to their counselor with previous items and when a counselor is caught their Jason restocks on traps and knives. 

Xp bonuses are handed out at end of match in a ranking order of who spent the least amount of time as Jason. There could also be a leaderboard based on number of games and time spent an Jason. 


With all the different Jason's players can select as their main you would have to keep on your toes and be ready to change tactics at any moment because when someone else is tagged their Jason will be coming in to hunt you down. This could be very entertaining and since you can't die it would offer more playtime and be a competitive mode. 

There are some things I'm not sure of for this mode. Like, can you set your character to random and continuously change counselors or Jason mid game? Will police be disabled or have another function?

This is just an idea to add some variety to gameplay and while it's not Jason killing everyone like in the series it could still be a fun alternative mode. 


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