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I was giving some thoughts to how counselors and their stats work. Some stats seem to have almost no bearing on game play and it is kinda hard to assess the value of others. Here is my idea:


Have each stat reflect a % bonus to certain things based on the score.

For example:  A maximum stat is 10. On a 100% max bonus scale divide 100/4 = 25%. A score of 10 translates into a 25% bonus to something tangible in-game (or a 2.5% bonus for each stat bump in score).  Additionally, have 1/2 the % bonus apply to a second thing governed by the stat. Basically you'd have a high stat bonus and low stat bonus for each stat.

Let us look at Kenny for a sec. He is mister balanced.

Kenny would have a 12.5% primary bonus on stats, and a 6.25% bonus to secondary attributes governed by stats.

So how would stats work? Baseline bonus + perk modifications. Each stat would grant a primary bonus to the counselor and a secondary bonus.

Let us take Stealth:

Stealth's primary bonus may be to reduce noise generation pings. The secondary bonus might be to grant a bonus to fear reduction when in a hiding place.


Composure's primary bonus would be fear mitigation (reduction in the accumulation of fear). The secondary bonus might relate to overall Sense avoidance chance.


Strength's primary bonus would be related breaking free of Jason's grab. The secondary bonus would increase melee stun chance.


Stamina's primary bonus would be to your stamina pool. The secondary bonus would be a regeneration bonus that kicks in when Jason is not around.


Speed's primary bonus would be related to sprint top speed, The secondary bonus would relate to how fast doors can be barricaded, hiding spots entered or left, windows crawled through, etc.


Luck grants better RNG chance to find items in drawers and not take damage by climbing through broken windows. Secondary bonus governs bonus to how long a melee weapon lasts before breaking.


Primary bonus reflects the reduction in difficulty of a skill check. Secondary bonus reflects the chance that a missed skill check won't notify Jason.


Under these guidelines, Kenny would have a average 12.5% primary bonus, and 6.25% secondary bonus without the use of Perks. No perk could make a bonus exceed 100%. Just kicking around some ideas to make stats more relevant in general. I do think they should all govern two aspects of gameplay (greater/lesser degrees).


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Let's have a look at A.J. since she is so popular:

Composure 7:    17.5%/ 8.75%     Fear mitigation/Sense avoidance chance

Luck 1:                2.5%/1.25%        RNG-dmg/Weapon durability buff

Repair 7:             17.5%/8.75%      Difficulty reduction/chance to not notify Jason on fail

Speed 4:              10%/5%             Top speed bonus/action completion bonus

Stamina 4:           10%/5%              Bonus to stamina pool/stamina regen bonus

Stealth 10:            25%/12.5%        Reduction of noise/fear reduction when hiding

Strength 2:           5%/2.5%            Break free bonus/stun chance bonus

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I usually main LaChappa or play Adam. A.J. is great, but I think I prefer Deb. The nerds suit my playstyle the best.

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