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Questions I have about the game

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Hello! As you may know I am Beastmode259 from PS4 I have a few questions that you may be able to answer ;)

* Do you regenerate stamina faster standing or crouching?

* On weapons what does the attack stat do?

* On Jason Part 9, What does "Less Hit Points" mean?

* On Jason Part 6 and Part 2 (Besides Block Chance) what does "Defense" do?

* Is Tommy Jarvis selected once the game starts or once he is called in?

* Is Tommy Jarvis and Jason chosen more towards level instead of full randomization? 

* Does Tommy Jarvis actually have a 10 or 9 in every area?

* The "Luck" stat says it increases weapon durability and minor increases to other stats. What does it really do to other stats?

* Do you plan on nerfing any of the Perks, Counselors, or Jason himself?

Thanks for your help appreciate it :D (Also message Beastmode259 to play)

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Hey there. I can help with some of these :)

#1 - You regenerate stamina faster by standing, and ideally being in a place where the lights are on and your flashlight turned on.

#2 - The attack stat is a measure of a weapon's damage. The higher the damage, the more chance of knocking Jason flat on his ass. When you hit him enough times and his HP depletes, the falls down and is stunned for longer than he would be if he were stunned with something else like a bat. High damage weapons also have a higher chance of knocking Jason's mask off.

#3 - See above; less hits required to knock him down.

#4 - Defense alters his ability to block damage and gives him lower HP overall.

#5 - He's selected once he's called in I believe. It requires two counsellors to have escaped or died before someone is chosen to be him.

#6 - No, they're random. You have the highest chance of being Tommy if he's called in early and you die early; it'll be 50/50 between you and one another if you're the first to die. If he's called late game though and more people have escaped or died, your chances are lower.

#7 - 10 in everything.

#8 - See here.

#9 - Can't say, only the publishers and developers know.

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