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(Suggestion/Feedback) Fixes or change to applies

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Hey , Devs and people here a list of what i've encounter myself or seen and what to fix and change.


- Suggestion -

- Add environnement change such as rain on all map.

- More random change for car part , weapon etc...

- Add a window (notification) for each cloth , DLC added or unlocked after getting a level.

- Add new weapon.

- Add part 4 map and part 4 jason.

- More distraction items for counselors.

- New way to kill jason with Tommy or counselor.

- Add Pamela Voorhees.

- New counselors.

- New perks.

- Add host migration.

- Add wet effect on counselor and jason when in water and after getting out of water.


- Feedback -

- When spawning as tommy make him spawn with a pocket knife.

- Remove some Tommy quotes such as i have to escape by adding another.

- Change Tommy fear meter by angry meter more angry he is more damage he do and break free more easily.

- Increase Tommy status as a hero.

- Reduce Jason's grab range 

- Add a cooldown between each grab as jason

- Make combat system more dynamic as both counselor and jason.

- In private match add a setting allowing to set who is gonna be tommy jarvis once two players is dead requirement is the assign player to be dead or the game will choose randomly.


- Fixes -

- Fix a glitch allowing player to get out of map on packanack as counselor.

- Fix a glitch allowing Jason to get out of map on packanack.

- Fix a bug that occur when jason is grabing a counselor in a car and make flip the car.

- fix an animation when jason is grabing a driver he look as he is grabing passenger.

- Fix a flying corpse when grab killing as jason.

- Reduce latency.

- Fix an exploit allowing Jason to be immune from bear traps when in combat stance.

- Fix hitbox when jason have grabbed a counselor as a another player try to help him he does not hit him.

- Fix a bug that allow counselor to avoid trap set by jason near driver door if he got the key.

- Fix facial animation on counselor (chad and bugzy mostly).

- fix an issue when getting a disconnection to not be able to join game you have to restart the game to work again.


It's everything i've seen and encounted for bug , exploit and glitch as for feedback and suggestion tell me what you think.


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Hello developers, I just got through a couple matches and well quite frankly I'm a little disappointed. I'm getting tired of all the toxic players killing/running over all the characters and such, maybe there can't be anything done about that to kick them out specifically but maybe there could be a rating system. Have players rate each other based on their playing abilities wether they're a good player or if they're just out there to waste everybody's time. I think by having a rating system under a person's profile could facilitate Gameplay for all parties. Thank you for the attention to this matter.


Console: PS4

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I realize I just replied with another issue but this is also on my mind as well as my friends that I play with, the host migration problem.

Perhaps have two designated players in case the first host Disappears/leaves for whatever reason and have the game mitigate the bandwith to the second host. It may not completely solve the problem, but it could alleviate it for sure. I don't know how it works but, it's an idea.



Console: PS4

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- and fix the glitch where counselor is aiming the flare gun standing still and "gliding" very fast around the map without using any stamina

- glitch where Jason is stuck in the "press E" pop up and becomes a handicapped  ; can't swing his weapon..only grab and do nothing after the grab

- as a counselor, still can't set bear trap near door

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