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I'm thinking the new -1000XP penalty for teamkilling might be too high. Mind you, in an ideal-world that doesn't contain people intentionally trolling and griefing, it would be fine. I am, however worried about people running in front of cars to try to block them to force them to be let in, or get mowed down to "harm" the driver who "deserted them" that sort of thing, or accidental kills via traps. 


I'm thinking of something like the following:

This could be implemented "per match" but it would be better implemented as a per-account setup, if possible. I would start the first kill penalty at -250xp, the next at -500xp, the third at -1,000xp. Ideally, if it were account-based, this would "burn off" at a rate of something like 30 minutes, an hour or two hours (variable depending on dev needs, or possibly even by the number of teamkills in a period (say 24 hours). It stays at 1,000xp for every additional TK that happens while you're at that high burn level, and it resets and/or raises your duration before it "burns off". After enough time passes it "burns down" one level. After more time passes with no TK, it "burns down" another level, etc. until you're back to 250 for your first. You could also of course start at -100xp, then -250xp, etc. The specifics of the numbers, burn off times, etc. are of course left up to variability or needs.



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