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Hello guys,

i just want to ask how i can contact the support, it seems like they ban hardcore trolls, but how i can show them a video?


I had just a match with 4 premades assholes (4 french guys all friends in steam, the trolls were Orwell, Xénophée, AKU and SQUIDAMOUCHE), i messed up to recording the first match... I knocked Jason out for a couple of times, and his 3 friends tried to kill me or blocking my way all the time.

After Jason killed me, they was just playing around, fighting a bit, let one of his friends escape then killed the other guy after a long time.


They were dumb enough to team up with their Jason buddy again, i tried to repair the boat and this guys started to attack me.

Now they called Jason on TS/Discord and helped him to stop me.... after he killed me, he teleport away to killing the other guys too, he didn't even attack his friends near the boat.

So he letting 2 of his friends escape with the boat and just kill his last friend then.

(sorry for my bad english)


I am not a funkiller, some trolls are really funny if they do not exaggerate it.... but is hate guys who just tries to destroy the fun of other players.... thats a mess.

Those guys do ghosting, teamkilling, teaming up with Jason and more shit.... and they just said something like "Lol fuck you!  It is forbidden to play with friends" after the first match.


(just skip to 5:50 if you dont wanna see the whole match)



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