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 Everybody always wants to complain about shift grabbing when stalk is easily his most powerful ability.. Jason is not a track star he is not supposed to chase buggzy or tommy or Vanessa for 2 miles then catch them cuz of stamina restraints on the mentioned counselors. He is a appear-out-of-no-where-kill-you-and-leave type guy once the game develops a little bit more players will become better counselors and ppl will cry for Jason buffs I promise.. With 2 or 3 ppl working in tandem and not being openly stupid its very easy to escape Jason even with shift grabbing the way it is.. My YouTube channel is Thaa Zeus I have a 3 hour live stream on there where I escape almost every time and I have full party chat on the vid I also have a video explaining how stalk is the most powerful thing in the game.. If you watch thank you for watching but this current trend of crying nerf needs to not happen the meta for this game hasn't even been FULLY developed yet.. If you play as Vanessa or buggzy and are sprinting in the woods then yes you deserve to die very quickly or learn to run and dive through open windows and constantly bounce from house to house. If a loud counselor runs from Jason for 7 minutes then all you did was HELP YOUR ENTIRE TEAM ESCAPE EASIER good job but don't complain that he killed you too early when your the only one making noise. Morph is better then shift as well idk just my thoughts I have yet to have 1 counselor escape from me and I think its because everybody wants to help themselves and not the team.. If you find a car or boat part please put it in the vehicle and move on don't leave it and certainly don't drop it but regardless the counselor meta needs to develop more.. Thanks for reading this book I apologize for making it sooo long

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