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Please fight for this game

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This is by far one of the best online games of this generation. Personally I never get bored and it's always challenging and hilarious. I find it very discouraging that there will be no future updates. I think that if you cant get new counselors at least allow us to make our own characters. This would provide hours of gameplay. I dont see how this would break any copyright issues. This game as a very dedicated group of people that love this game. As a developer you should just give the rightful owners of F13 franchise whatever they'd want to continue this game. I have not been impressed with many horror games as of late this is by far the best multiplayer one. I'm sure people would buy pay big bucks for future content to keep this amazing game alive. Just like Jason,  it may be buried. But I hope it can rise up out of the ground and be stronger than ever. Thank you for reading and please dont give up developers....

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