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I main part 5 and even though he may not have weapon strength he's almost as good as part 3(IMO)some think he's better. Anyway I get in this one group of 150's who just can't accept the fact they got outplayed.Everytime I kill either all of them or most of them at least 1 will claim I'm cheating or hacking.I got accused of using a aim bot last time I played against them and they threatened to send the evidence to Steam.I said go ahead I have nothing to hide. It's like they sit there with a stop watch and if they think you used shift too quickly they call you out. I said look if I was capable of hacking,I wouldn't be using a aim bot. I'd be giving myself unlimited abilities and throwing knives and unlimited traps and I'd be wiping you guys in like 3-5 minutes instead of 15-20.

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