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The Gunslinger

Never-ending kicks after getting a new ISP

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Hello again, long time no see. Yeah I bet you all missed me. Anyway I don't exactly know where to put this so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place. I have this "You've been kicked!" issue. It wasn't happening before. It all started when I decided to change my ISP. I got much better speeds now, but I get network issues on some games. F13 is the one that got affected most. Whenever I start-up the game, join any match (Quick Play, Offline bots, Challenges, basically any mode) I get kicked from the match, sent back to the title screen with messages that say either "You've been kicked!"  or "Session heartbeat failure! Verify internet connectivity.". After that, I can't join back to the database. No matter how many times I try, it will fail. I shutdown Steam and restarted the computer and tried again. Result is same. I get kicked from the match and sent back to the title screen. I let mail support know about this and they are telling me fixes they know. My issue persists even though I did whatever they asked. Any of you guys have a fix?


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