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Evil Dead 2: The Board Game - A Kickstarter "Hearthrob" campaign

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I honestly don't know where to begin when talking about this campaign or why anyone on here should even be interested in/care about this campaign to begin with so I guess I'll just give y'all the long n short of it. Basically over 6,000 backers for the Evil Dead 2 board game (as well as backers from 2 other campaigns by the same company, Space Goat Productions) got screwed over by SGP (the campaign creator) and were left high n dry by the company with nothing to show as well as no real idea as to what really happened to the more than a million dollars (total) that was raised by all 3 campaigns. Last Oct (2018) when Jasco Games along with Lynnvander games studio &  The Evil Dead Rights group announced that they have teamed up to try and resurrect the Evil Dead 2 board game with plans on launching the first ever "heartthrob" Kickstarter campaign in 2019 which if successful would get backers of the original campaign as well as any new backer a copy of the game. Well the campaign is now live with an all in goal of $195,000 and a (as of right now) 21 day period in which to raise the funds, so far they've raised $45,000 of their $195,000 goal. If you are interested in backing the Kickstarter you can do so here and even if you have no interest in backing this please help out by trying to spread the word about this Kickstarter as it aims to get the people who got screwed over by SGP the game they backed 3 years ago,. Also if this campaign is successful they (Jasco Games) will attempt to do a heartthrob campaign for the backers of The Terminator board game who also got screwed over by Space Goat Productions and while I'm thinking about it the people behind this have announced that there will be no stretch goals for this game and that they are only offering 1 add on for this campaign in the form of a graphic novel adaptation of the Evil Dead 2 movie.


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