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Recent Server Issues - Status

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EDIT: Servers will be rerouting those of you affected to more active, less problematic servers for the time being while the team continues to investigate why those servers were crashing/looping. You may see higher than expected ping, but within the realm of playable, due to the connection being to the next nearest server.

This will be mostly evident in the regions already facing an issue, and mostly on the PS4 platform.


Hey gang!

The team has been working to pin down what exactly has been happening with servers since the last patch (1.35) went live. I wanted to post a status update here for you all, as there are many different threads on the topic and this will provide us with something to link back to, rather than risk the info being missed.

The team is currently digging through to see if there is a part of this that is related to our code, while also following up with our Partners at Amazon to identify what could be causing the behavior.

For transparency, what we're seeing is that certain regions are connecting to higher traffic/activity areas, while certain lower player activity regions are struggling through a series of server crashes and restarts, causing the behavior we're seeing.

Currently, we're trying to sort out if this is something that can be dealt with on the Amazon side or ours, and what that will look like. Typically, these crashes should bounce players onto a server possibly further out, then restart the server affected and onward and upward back into that location. This isn't the behavior we're seeing, however, and instead we're seeing players on crashed servers linger in search then reconnect to that server in a large wave, and then the server crashes again.

The fix for this may be a matter of routing the players in affected areas to a bit further off of a server location, resulting in slightly higher pings, at least temporarily. So if you notice that behavior, please do report it, but do not panic, as this is most likely going to be at least a stage in the fix.

Currently, we do not have an ETA on the changes, but are working on this first priority.

I'll update and add edits to this thread as we have more information to share.

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