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Design feedback + Quality of life suggestions

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First time posting cause I think this game has a lot of potential! Let me know your thoughts.


----------------------------------------------------------- Design Feedback ----------------------------------------------------------------



Movement and combat needs a lot of fine tuning

The static camera + canned animation of climbing through windows or opening doors makes it feel sluggish and disconnects you from the character for too long.

My favorite escape animation is jumping through a window because it's fast and captures my emotional state. I want to GTFO no matter what. Closing doors and clambering through open windows should be far more frantic if you know Jason is chasing you. These animation speeds could be dependent on the character you play/composure.



Maybe I'm missing something, but composure needs to be more noticeable. Knowing what state your character is in should change the choices you make. Composure needs more visibility through animations, breathing, voice lines.

Creating situations with multiple players to regain composure and reduce fear, while making them more vulnerable would be neat. For example, hugging it out. Hugging could strengthen the counselors' resolve for a short time, but this also gives Jason a chance at a double kill if he can sneak up on them and skewer the two together. This encourages/rewards Jason players to be more creative, where they strategically stalk and fear certain counselors to try and force the above scenario. Detecting voice levels between walkie talkies could also be an interesting way to go about it. High voice levels might increase the fear of both players, while low calm tones reduce their fear or stabilize it.



------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Sky Ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------


Close calls (environmental escapes)

I do think this is heavily dependent on the Jason player and whether or not he likes to toy with his prey, but I feel like there is a significant lack of -desperate- escapes available to the counselors.

In the same way Jason has environmental kills, I feel like the counselors should have environmental escapes, where they knock over a book case or something. I was in a situation where I juked Jason for several minutes by jumping in and out of houses, but eventually he caught me in a cabin. I managed to grab escape twice as he tried to carry me over to the fireplace, but by then I had been completely feared (I think? The screen was grayish and I couldn't run), and after the adrenaline rush of prying my way out of his grasp, there was nothing I could do but waddle maybe three feet before he grabbed me again and roasted me.


Post death / escape gameplay

I had an "ideal" match, where someone called the police about 1 minute in, and I navigated my way through some houses before idling by an exit for the police to show up. I escaped unscathed in the first 5 minutes. Meanwhile the player who called the police died about 2 minutes into the match. Regardless, we were both watching the rest of the session play out for the next 17 minutes or so. "Winning" so early was not gratifying, and neither was dying, unless there was something else for us to do. The first thing to come to mind, is for the survivors to take on the role of police officers, something akin to dummy fodder where they are always vulnerable to Jason's sense, and act primarily as distractions. Then on the flip side, the dead could try and help secure kills for Jason as Pamela Voorhees guiding voice or something less stupid. I don't really have an answer for that one.



------------------------------------------------------- Quality of Life Improvements ------------------------------------------------------


Vote skip intro scenes

Let people vote on skipping the Jason introduction.

Starting the match faster is always good.

Not knowing which Jason they are being chased by adds to the initial tension, and creates situations in which players try to inform others of the Jason type.


Match modifiers

Disabling time limit win

Encourages players to seek each other out and work together, or to at least be pro-active in trying to escape which in turn makes them more noticeable to Jason.


Disabling duplicate counselor selection

For the sake of immersion.

Should encourage the designers to tighten the playstyle of each character. 


Disabling counselor markers on the map

Creates a choice and consequence in using flares and flashlights. Do you try to meet up where the flare was fired, or was that a warning shot to stay away? Also encourages walkie talkie communication and map awareness.




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I agree that duplicate counselors is bizarre. I'd be fine if there were a cap of 2 people as the same character, like the twins in Part 4, but beyond that it looks pretty silly seeing 7 of the athletic girl running around. I know clothing packs will help but there's no insentive in the beta to be anyone but the athletic girl.

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