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Thoughts and suggestions from beta

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I've managed to get into a couple games and I've watched a fair amount of videos. Here's some quick thoughts and suggestions from what I've experienced and witnessed. First though, overall everything is pretty awesome- design, feel... the attention to detail is phenomenal.


Jason's Part 7 Mask

It's a nitpick but it's off, the nose is missing. The nose should be the same as any other Jason mask. The Part 3 and Sackhead are amazingly accurate.



My assumption before was that Jason wouldn't be able to find you hiding unless you lost what I thought was a hiding mini-game where you hold your breath. I don't know if I like the idea of Jason just walking around stabbing closets and beds, that's not something he does. I think he should only be able to stab into a closet or bed if the counselor hiding fails the breathing "mini game." If they fail, Jason is alerted to their presence. Otherwise, they should be indestructible unless in rage mode.



It may be too late to impliment but finding an occasional spider in an otherwise empty drawer would be cool. Creating the risk of raising fear while searching.


Jason's Abilities

They're perfect. The VHS effect is jarring but I don't feel like it hurts immersion when you're actually playing. I love the 'Evil Dead' style cam for the shift/morph (can't remember which is which).


Part 3 Jason Running

Don't let complainers ruin this- the man runs like an idiot at the end of Part 3 and it's captured here.


Jason Player able to talk on mic

I don't like the idea, it kills the feeling. Jason is a silent killer and down the road it could be exploited by trolls or people boosting.


That's all for now, this is my first post but I really wanted to join the forum and be a part of the discussion, The finished game will be great. :)

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