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Suggestions for changes (based on playing the Beta)

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Please note that my suggestions are all from a counselor perspective as I have yet to play Jason during any sessions.

The stamina system needs a complete overhaul.

As it stands, stamina runs out way too fast and recovers at a snail's pace.  I played the middle-of-the-road-stats guy during most of my sessions and my stamina would drain to nothing just trying to get from point A to point B.

I still don't understand why it drains from normal movement.  Sprinting should be the only thing that drains that meter.  Furthermore, why does it recover so unbelievably slowly?  I shouldn't be waiting minutes to be able to sprint for seconds.  That just makes no sense.  If I'm not moving, I'm not actually playing, am I?

Savvy players are going to pick the athletic girl out of the sheer frustration of using anyone else.

Potential solutions:

   - Keep the stamina drain rates as they are, but boost stamina recovery way, WAY higher.  As in that meter shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to fill up.
   - Eliminate stamina entirely.  I know that's going to seem unfair to Jason players, but considering how his short-range teleport practically turns him into Nightcrawler by the end of the match, it's not really that unbalanced.
   - Counselors can get stronger during the match the same way Jason does.  Remember Metal Gear Solid 2 where you could increase Snake's ability to hold onto ledges by training him?  Why not have the stamina drain slow/recovery rate increase the longer a match goes on for counselors?

Eliminate being seen/heard if you're in hiding.

I'm aware you couldn't originally be seen in gameplay videos and people starting making comments about it, but really...why even bother hiding if Jason can see you?  I know you put a lot of thought into the hiding system, but it's pretty much a free kill for him at this point if you even try.

Nerf Jason's short range teleport.

As mentioned in the stamina section, by the end of the match, Jason is teleporting like crazy.

I realize what this is supposed to invoke.  This is the idea of the horror movie monster showing up around any corner, but as it stands, he can just teleport right up next to you over and over and over again.

Potential solutions:

   - The short range teleport needs to have a high cooldown even at endgame.  Give the counselor a chance to get away.
   - The short range teleport shouldn't be able to work period unless the teleport puts him somewhere he can't be seen, like behind a tree or wall.

Not everyone uses microphones/People are going to use Teamspeak.

The communication system reeks of closed circle game design.

What I mean by that is that you designed the game based on your ideal of how it should be played, not the reality of how players are actually going to play it.

There are going to be plenty of players who don’t use microphones at all with their headsets.  There’s no way for them to communicate with the rest of the group.

And that’s not getting into the people who do have microphones, but aren’t going to play by the rules you laid out.

I bet the walkie-talkies looked great on paper.  But people playing in a group are going to use programs like Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, etc.  They’re not going to engage the game the way you want them to.

Potential solutions:

  - Add a text chat to the game.  This might seem unbalanced, but it’s really not.  People who have to stop to type aren’t moving or doing anything else.  It would make them sitting ducks for Jason if they do it when he’s around.
  - Add vocal commands that can either be manually selected or activate automatically in certain contexts.  For a great example of this, play some Overwatch.  Not only can you manually select things like “group up” or “I need healing”, characters should “behind you!” all on their own.  AND they have text chat on top of it.  The best of all possible worlds, really.

Implement a Vote-To-Kick Function (with Jason being excluded).

This is more of a "easily foreseeable" issue, but you are going to have trolls who will intentionally shoot teammates, set off noise makers, mess with doors/windows/traps or generally lead Jason straight to the other counselors.  There needs to be a way to boot those kinds of troublemakers so the rest of the group doesn't get frustrated with the game instead.

Turn off the friendly fire.

The last few times I've played, when a gun was found, people shot other survivors...on purpose!

And the police exit was open.  Nobody was fighting over who got to use the car or anything.  They were just being trolls.

I realize you intended there to be a little backstabbing among the counselors, but please reconsider this.


This is just inviting trolling.

The VHS distortion has got to go, regardless of any other changes.  No if’s, and’s or but’s.

I cannot understand why this is in the game at all.  To hide Jason’s he-shouldn’t-be-teleporting-right-up-to-you-anyway effect?

I’ve died in this game not because I played poorly, not because the other player outsmarted me, but because YOU KEEP BLINDING ME.

Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials.

There’s far too little explanation as to what does what in the game. The How to Play is a good start, but I encouraged a friend to preorder, he looked through that stuff and I still had to explain how to play the game to him.

That’s not even getting into the multiple times people find flare guns and then instantly use them inside cabins just to see what they’d do.

This isn’t a rogue-like.  I realize that we live in an age where instruction manuals have gone the way of the Dodo, but expecting people to just figure things out without a single player mode (for counselors) or in the middle of a match where making a fatal mistake removes you from play for possibly 10 minutes or more is asking for rage -> refund.

Backfill empty slots with bots.

Right now, the game starts when you have five people.  It ends up being a slaughter.  Also, if someone leaves the match, their spot should be taken over by a bot to keep the total number of players consistent.

Hell, I’d love to see like two police bots roaming the map if the cops show up.  Jason can kill them, but they can shoot back and also run interference for counselors trying to get out.

The last survivor needs to still be able to win (other than by running out the clock).

By the end of the game, Jason's an unstoppable monster and the last counselor is pretty much a sitting duck if they've been found.  Their stamina is drained out, Jason is teleporting all over the place and at that point, there's little else to do than just give up or leave the match.

Why?  Because while horror is great in films, in a video game you must absolutely avoid the feeling of hopelessness.

People can handle defeat if they've been outfoxed.  They can handle defeat if they screw up.  But if the game is unwinnable seemingly by design?  Then there's little reason to keep playing.




Don't get me wrong, I'm still having a lot of fun playing the game (when the matchmaking lets me) but these issues put some noticeable dings in an otherwise great idea.

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I read your whole post and I agree and disagree with some points.


1 - I don't think stamina needs an overhaul but I do think other counselors need some really useful perks to overcome everyone choosing a stamina based character.


2 - Stealth and hiding I agree needs to be worked on, it doesn't seem to do much right now.


3 - I don't mind the short range teleport much, you can pretty easily dodge it if you play smart.


4 - The ingame voice is fine, some people might use teamspeak but they'd be ruining their own fun.  A bunch of people in my community play games like this and we use in game chat over teamspeak to get the full effect of the game, otherwise what's the point of playing.


5 - As for vote/kick I feel like it will be abused more than helpful, plus half the things you said about it are pretty much intended from what I gather, counselors have the decision to screw over their teammates to make it away from Jason, although I personally feel in most situations working together is more smart. 


6 - Friendly fire doesn't seem like it's full damage so it seems fine to me, plus it was pretty funny when I tried to save my friend by swinging at Jason and Jason dropped my friend at that moment and I ended up killing my friend lol, I dont know friendly fire adds a whole new dynamic to the game I feel.


7 - The VHS distortion could be toned down slightly but I do like the effect, especially because it warns you when Jason is teleporting short range so if anything it should be helping you dodge.


8 - Tutorials would be good, but it's also not too hard to learn the game from people you are playing with who have figured it out for now.  This is just the closed beta so I think they're more focused on bugs than making an advanced tutorial, although it would be nice in the future.


9 - Empty slots being filled with bots would be nice, but as far as I know they don't have the bots in game yet, I believe they said their goal for bot play is around summer 2017


10 - Winning is also pretty easy if you know what to do and work together with others, even late game.  Sometimes you get someone playing Jason that is smarter than the average Jason player and will be tougher to out-smart, but I like the challenge

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