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Aight. I've been playing the game the whole day and I think I can start giving my thoughts about it.

First things first. The game is super fun. I've escaped, I've died and I've destroyed 7/7 counsellors, never got tired of anything.

Now, thoughts and suggestions.

1.- Jason Part VII is a god damn SLUG. Not something bad, I like the way he's intended to be played, but right now it's the worst of the three Jasons. You don't kite him, you just run away from him. Yeah he can shift and hit/grab, but if he fails (which is easily avoidable) they run away. I think he needs another mechanic/skill. I've thought about a "Obsession" like DbD but kinda different, like locking on just one counsellor you're chasing so he "chills" or whatever and he runs slower, or drain his stamina faster. I don't have anything bad to say about the other two. They're fine. You can kite them, but they can get to you eventually. Being said, he's really fast underwater, but in this map people don't use to swim. Hopefully he's better in maps with more water.

2.- Grab Kills and Grab Escapes. Let's talk about kills first. I've noticed that if you're not in a "right" spot, you can't execute Grab Kills. For example, I grab stupid Chad 20 cm near a cabin wall, facing it. I can't perform the axe "balls crusher" (Don't remember his name atm) if I don't move to a plain terrain. Seems legit, you wanna crush his balls, throw him to the ground, you have a wall in front of you, asshole, BUT, I can't even do the "Choke" one if I don't move to the center of the cabin. Like, wtf?

Now, Grab Escapes. Let's be honest, if you don't have a pocket knife. they're useless. Every Jason with some brain will just smash buttons to instantly kill you. I think that's not fair, and I want to suggest a possible solution: Make Grab Kills to be "casted" instead of being instant. Make the Grab Escape smashing be useful and slow the cast a bit. That way, I think if you're alone, you're going to die if you have low Composure, probably even if you have it 10/10 like Jenny Myers, but if you have homies, they can hit Jason and save you.

3.- Environmental Kills. I really like them, but I really hate how they work right know. Let's imagine I grabbed stupid Chad and I'm facing an exterior wall. I wan't to throw him to the wall and crush his back. To do so, I need to go to the EXACT middle spot of the wall to succesfully perform it, I can't use the whole wall. Just the exact spot. I'd like to talk about other evironmental kills, but I couldn't try different ones. I hope I can be able to do so soon.

4.- Stamina. What can I say. Vanessa is a goddess. I think she's the most played at the moment because of the stamina (also the speed, but come on, stamina). I like how it's intended to work and it's fun and adds intensity to the game, but it also makes it kinda frustrating if you don't have a high stamina character. Let's face it, right now imagine I want to play Jenny Myers. I'm in the bottom left cabins and I want to cross the bridge and get to the big house in the middle of the map. I have two options. 1: Walk all the way and waste 5 minutes to arrive so I don't spend stamina. 2: Run to the house and get exhausted already in the middle of the bridge. It's kinda frustrating. Nerfing Vanessa is a bad decision in my opinion, she's the athletic girl, it's supposed to be like that, so here's my suggestion: Make stamina decrease ONLY when Jason spots you (when the music starts). Maybe increase the base amount would help too, I'm not 100% sure about it.

5.- Stealth and Hiding. Useless. I don't even bother to hide if I'm being chased because he's gonna find me right away. And trust me I've tried with every character I had unlocked, even high Stealth ones. With Vanessa for example I moan like a pig and he finds me really easily. With Jenny the best scenario I had was hiding under a bedroom with a lot of beds, holded my breath and when he hitted the wrong bed I used his weapon-stuck animation to run away (which is kinda useless too, and that's my next topic).

6.- Running away from Jason. I usually play Vanessa and I'm going to tell my experience with her. I've managed to lose Jason a lot of times, but it's really, REALLY difficult. I'm talking about Part II and III, VII is a lot easier. If I manage to make some distance, he immediately senses and shifts near me. I kite the shift-hit-grab (which is easy), and run away. Seconds later, the same proccess. Over a over again, until I run out of stamina, and eventually catches me. 6-7 minutes kiting Jason is my record. Sincerelly, I don't even know a possible solution for this. But the thing is, you can't (almost) never lose Jason if he's focusing you alone.

7.- Escape routes. There's three escape routes for the beta map, Whatever Haven (Higgin's?): Police, 4-Man car and 2-Man car. I won't mention Jarvis because I think it's a bonus objective and not a escape route. I've played around 30 games and I've only managed to escape using the police. I got close to the car escape but Jason killed me (last survivor, the car was fixed and I had the keys). Like in my last topic, I don't know a way to balance this, 'cause if you buff or nerf them, they can break the game entirely. Maybe it's a newbie issue. Beta day 1, nobody knows potential spawn places, everyone plays like a headless chicken. I just want to notify: Police is the easiest, faster and most secure way to escape RIGHT NOW (DAY 1 BETA). Maybe tomorrow or in two days, or in release, when people (me included) knows how to play effectively, this changes.

I'm eager to see your opinions.

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Three issues so far......



1) There seems to be no incentive to sneak or creep along or hide in the dark behind bushes and such. Everyone just runs everywhere all the time. It totally kills the suspense. Their goal should be making the game to where we have to creep along like in Alien Isolation. Running freely everywhere should be a big no-no (makes it easier to detect you) and used only as a last resort. 



2) Also, the musical score just seems to loop over and over, the same piece of music, never changing. Nothing new ever plays.



3) And another thing, when you try and run into a house and close the door quickly, sometimes you'll close it from the wrong side (like if you're trying to run in, if you don't go in far enough and you hit the button to close the door, instead of closing the door from the inside like you want, you'll close the door from the outside, effectively fucking yourself). This needs to be fixed, where perhaps simply tapping the "close door" button automatically closes it from inside of the house no matter what, and holding the "close door" button closes it from the outside no matter what. No person ever would make that mistake in real life. We shouldn't be punished in the game (closing the door from the wrong side) because of wonky controls.

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