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Idea for a Horror Youtube channel name??

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Hey guys, so I'm about to make a channel similar to that of Corpse Husband, where I choose various CreepyPastas and read them because my voice is pretty well suited for it. I've just stumbled across one major roadblock.




I want it to be something creative and unique and memorable. Like Corpse Husband or Lazy Masquerade. I don't want something like "CreepsMcPasta" or "Creepypasta Jr." (No offense to them, I love their channels, but I feel like the variation of Creepypasta is now so overused as a name)

The only thing I've come up with so far has been something like "Sleepless Nights" or "Sleepless Silence", but idk if either of those are too cheesy or anything so I Figured I would ask the opinion of others and see what you guys thought and if you had any better names!

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Welcome to the forums, @Leo1254. Don't forget to post an intro.

Here are a few name ideas you can have for free. You will find varying degrees of seriousness and silliness.

Reanimated Tales

Frightening Fiction

Ripped From The Internet

The Haunter

YouTube Channel of the Damned

The Point Of No Return

Quiet Laughter From An Empty Room

The Reason You Wet Your Pants

The Foot in the Grave

Tales of Your Doom

Fearful Farfalle

Eerie Macaroni

Chilling Linguini

CHILLED Linguini!!!

Perilous Penne

Spooky Spaghetti


The last one is my favorite. (Edit: the last one is now my second favorite. I now prefer Chilled Linguini)

Best of luck!

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Just don't start your Name with non-capital letters and don't end it with numbers.

And no Dubstep intro.

How About....Crappy Pasta? Just kidding , don't use it someone actually uses that.

Sleepless Silence sounds Pretty cool. 

You ever heard of the NES Godzilla Creepypasta? I think that one is supposed to be a Pretty good one.

Maybe also end it with a humourful note? I don't know , some People actually get really terrified of that stuff , lol. Don't take it too serious or some may think it is Pretty cheesy.

And of Course , no clickbait.

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