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Friday the 13th Part 7: How Jason was made (according to my so-so recollection of a conversation with John Carl Buechler)

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    I had a request to share this info, so without further adieu...

    I spent Friday the 13th, October 2017 at a convention (flyer here) and was able to learn a lot of information about the Part 7 costume.

    The night started with a photo-op with Kane Hodder in full Part 7 makeup, so I was literally face to terrifying face with it (he
lifted me up by my chin just as the photographer took the picture).  During the rest of the weekend I spoke to John Carl Buechler
(Director & Make-up designer for Part 7) about his process for both the makeup and the mask.

    John started by reviewing the previous films to keep continuity with all the injuries and damage that Jason had taken.  With that
as a starting point, he degraded him further to show the rot that had occured from being in the lake for so long.  Over time the leather
gloves and utility belt would completely rot off, the clothes would wear and tear, flesh would bloat and be fed upon.

    A rib cage, spine, shoulder bones, forearms, knees, guts, etc., were sculpted, molded, and then cast in a poly foam.  Each were
given appropriate paint jobs and in some cases made to look wet (like the guts) and then had liquid latex applied over them to mimic
rotted dripping flesh.

    The head was twelve seperate pieces cast in silicone (IIRC), painted up, and then applied to Kane one at a time.  Kane mentioned
that it took several hours to apply the makeup and there was no getting out of it until the day's shoot was done.  The full makeup was
worn during the entire filming.  This was a different process than most of the Jasons had to go through, as the others only had a full
face makeup when his face was revealed, the rest of the time they just wore an open faced cowl so they weren't so trapped in the costume.

    From there they weathered the clothes by randomly cutting them up, but in some cases specifically to reveal the makeup work

    The chain was actually plastic painted to look like rusted metal.

    For the mask he was given the previous film's mask as a starting point.  I, unfortunately, didn't think to ask if he meant that
he received the mold from the Part 6 or a pull to recast (I'm assuming a pull).

    It was vaccuformed in black ABS plastic and then intentionally made smaller, by removing much of the perimiter of the mask, to
reveal more of the underlying makeup and simulate some extra wear from being under water.  Then it was cut to remove the propeller
damaged area and given many deep cuts/scratches to simulate cracks at the point of impact from the propeller.  More weathering like the
bubbly "road rash" like texture over and around the right eye (which was done with a torch), slight warping at some points (most notably
on the right cheek), and other random wear and scratches were added.  The shape of the mask, propeller damage, and warping were also done
very deliberately (explained further down).  There were several copies made at the time of filming, but only the one was actually used
during filming, because, in John's words, the others "walked off the set".

    It was then painted and weathered in acryllics in a lighter tone than the Part 6.  The mask is definitely, and very
intentionally, lighter than the Part 6 mask.  While I always just assumed that this was due to much of the blood and grime washing off
while under water, there is actually another reason that John lightened the color palette and made the other creative decisions that he
did with the shape and size of the mask, he was very deliberately trying to give it the look of a skull.  He told me that he wanted his
"meat terminator" Jason to look like death in the shadows.

    Finally, Kane confirmed that the black scratches were a natural occurance from filming because only the one mask was used during
the shoot.  He remembers one set of scratches coming from his fall into the puddle of water on the gravel road and another coming from
his face dive down the stairs of the porch after the roof was dropped on him.

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