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New mid level Jason Kills

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Level required-Kill name-Description

Status of counselor when the die by said kill


100- Hell Hands-Jason knocks the counselor on the ground with a hit to the head and a group of hands from hell come out of the ground and start grabbing at the counselor. Jason realizes the counselor is putting up too much of a fight and rips the head and arms off of the counselor and the rest of the body gets dragged underground.

Death status-Dragged to Hell


90-Head stomp-Jason punches a standing counselor in the head to stun them, then trips them on the ground, and proceeds to walk to the head and begins to stomp on the head a few times till they die.

Death status-Disrespected


85-Beg for mercy-Jason stabs (Not throw) a throwing knife into the back of a counselor. The counselor begins to crawl away on the ground begging for the pain to stop. Jason walks on top of the crawling counselor and steps on the knife on the back further inserting it in and killing the counselor.

Death status-Backstabbed


80-Arm beating-Jason rips the left arm off of a counselor and proceeds to beat the counselor with it till they die on the ground.

Death status-Beaten


75-Jump Scare-Jason lets the counselor free and run like 4 steps and then teleports in front of them instead of behind. Jason grabs the counselor by the neck and slams them into the ground repeatedly.

Death status-Head Trauma


70-Hammer Head-Jason makes a fist with both hands and pounds the counselor’s head down into their body. Like the heads the nail and the body is wood.

Death status-Hammered


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