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So, let me start off by saying I have no issues with the way Roy uses the shears while walking, running, or beating down the door, and I don't really have a problem with him taking the shears apart for two of the kills.  Now with that being said, I do think it would be much better if the shears had their own chopping kills as opposed to taking the weapon apart. So my first suggestion would be to add 2 regular shears style kills for that weapon.  These are my suggestions for those kills... 1st: the victim is kicked to the ground (similar to part VI's Knock Down) and then the shears are brought down into the eyes of the victim and then closed and pulled out (just like Tina's death in part V).  2nd: the shears are used to chop at the victim who puts up their hand to block it and their fingers are chopped off, then as the victim screams a blade of the open shears is lunged forward stabbing the victim through the neck (this is kind of an homage to two of the kills by Cropsy in The Burning during the raft massacre) .

Now my next weapon suggestion is to use those two Shears kills (Last Breath and You're So Vein) and put them on a new weapon: Machete & Hunting Knife.  This new weapon would use the regular Machete animations, but would add the Part VI belt to any Jason that the weapon was equipped on.  The hunting knife would only be brought out during the executions, which with Last Breath would be Jason sticking the hunting knife under the victims chin and then stabbing the machete through their head, and with You're So Vein would have Jason stab the victim in the gut with the machete and then slash down on their arms with both the hunting knife and machete cutting down both of their wrists. For the 3rd kill, they could use a kill that was seen in the motion capture sessions with Jason stabbing the hunting knife into the victims leg and then circling the victim sticking them in both sides of their ribs with the machete, before finally yanking the knife out of their leg and doing a cross slash with both blades across their neck decapitating them.

And of course the next weapon would be the classic pitchfork, which I for one have no issue with them giving the Savini kills to (and I own Savini Jason), and then bringing out an additional 3 kills with the weapon (which could in turn be used with Savini as well). We already know that there were additional pitchfork kills in the motion capture sessions, so this way people that don't have Savini could get a new weapon to use with any Jason and Savini users like myself could get the additional 3 kills for him. It would be a win for both of us. With this new weapon (which could simply use all the same animations as The Devil's Pitchfork), if equipped on Part 2 Jason they could make him have a unique look to the weapon (just like Savini does), it would be the 4 tine version from part 2... while every other Jason from III to Uber would use the standard 6 tine version as used in part III.

My final weapon suggestion is The Scythe (like the one used by Jason in part VII), I'm suggesting this weapon as I think it might actually already be coming to the game due to the leaked kill footage (which showed the weapon being swung into the crotch of a victim and then the victim being thrown off the blade over Jason's shoulder) and some of the motion capture footage looking like it could be used with this weapon (like the one were the long stick is being used to swing at the victim's head and them being thrown sideways off the weapon). 

The game is great and constantly improving, so I think these new additions would make it that much better... let me know what you guys think?


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