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Vanessa Jones - Guide Series

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She’s there for a second and after that she’s gone!


She’s the fastest character in the game, catching Vanessa is a pain but a player who knows Vanessa will leave people surprised.

Luckily she’s one of the first Characters you can play, her number one role is distraction while the second is delivery.


Composure: 3

Luck: 6

Repair: 2

Speed: 10

Stamina: 9

Stealth: 1

Strength: 4

In Depth Stats:

Composure: Same as Tiffany she gets spooked at the sight of Jason. Also since it’s below average be wary of how slow she regens stamina and how much she trips. Also don’t expect to get out alive when he grabs you.

Luck: Slightly higher than average she can use weapons a little more but the bat stays the same. Also since it’s a 6 minor bonuses are added to her. 

Repair: Similar to Chad she may take 5-7 skill checks to repair, better leave it to the smart ones.

Speed: The fastest jogging and sprinting ingame. She can peacefully jog knowing Jason cannot catch up unless he shifts. If he does get close you can bolt out easily.

Stamina: Other than Tiffany she’s a long distance runner hence the athletic trope. She doesn’t get tired as easily but when she does oh boy it’s gonna take a while to get all that stamina back. Also if she gets exhausted (Used all of your stamina) it takes a long time to recover from it. The number one thing to learn is how to properly conserve stamina.

Stealth: She’s a walking firecracker, she quite literally makes noise of everything she does even walk crouching! That’s where the distraction role comes in. Beware Jason is most likely going to surprise you by shifting. 

Strength: She’s not super strong like Brandon Wilson but she can still hurt Jason with the machete if she needs to. Same strength as Eric J.R Lachappa.

Perk Recommendations:

Marathon (Rare-Epic) Just to run or jog even longer! The downside is recovering from exhaustion takes even longer!

Restful: (Uncommon-Rare) This is your holy chalice, without it you’ll have troubles taking a rest while being chased. 5 seconds of standing still with the perk you can get 2-10th of your stamina back.

Spatial Awareness: (Rare-Epic) To combat her “oopsie I tripped” clique this perk will allow her to not trip as often.

Nerves of Steel: (Uncommon-Epic) She can both benefit from fear resistance and the ability to she your minimap regardless how scared you are.




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I agree that she is the perfect distraction for Jason and makes a great runner. Sadly lots of people do not know how to utilize her skill set well.

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