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House timer challenge

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Hello everyone, I have yet another challenge! This challenge will be done as a councilor. For this challenge, whenever you come upon a house, you will have one try with 45 seconds to get everything in that house as fast as you can. once inside the house for more then 45 seconds, you can no longer: Pick up weapons (bear trap counts), pick up items, open windows (jumping through windows counts), fortify/unfortify doors, hide in a hiding spot, pick up parts, and/or crouch (to prevent hiding.) 

Note that:

  1. you can still hide outside in tents and outhouses
  2. once you have exited the house, you can not go back inside for no reason what so ever.
  3. you may still open doors after the 45 seconds is up but if both doors are fortified and all windows are closed, your best bet is for Jason to break open a door or window to leave that house.
  4. any room that is closed off after the 45 seconds is permanently closed off.
  5. if you are not sure if you have been in the house or not, you can't go in.
  6. you can't have a friend go into the house and grab stuff for you.

Post your vid links in the comments bellow so i can watch you suffer, and good luck.

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