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Change to cars , phone box , fuse , boat , Badge , traps and jason.

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Hello, guys i will submit you some ideas i got that may be changed.

1. The change i suggest for the cars is to be destructible after jason stop it at least three times or instant with rage mode as the game has a design when a car is destroyed.

2. More locations should be added for phone box mostly on Jarvis House where the phone only is on downside map only + a change need to be applied from both side ( Jason And Counselors ) slower the time to call police or add a new feature.

3. Same thing as phone box more locations should be added some closer others farthest but not in phone box house.

4. Same as cars.

5. Here the badge system need a revamp badge should awards us with CP for completing them and be able to use them as a patch for characters or something like that.

6. Traps need a buff in Jason side when counselors is disarming traps with pocket knife a QTE should activated if succeding the pocket knife won't be destroy or doesn't alert jason second options seem better as the first one will buff counselors and Tommy if you fail he break pocket knife and alert jason strength or composure should make the mini game easier when stepping in a trap both Jason and counselors side make a new feature for other counselor to help to break free from the traps.

7. For Jason one perk slot should be added and allow us to change weapon for perk example one perk allow running Jason to run a little faster to counter running counselors to make them sprint more often.


What do you think this game is very good overall objectives should be rework to allow more teamwork as well to add more weapons axe mostly.


Edit : I noticed that weapon range need to be buff Jason Side and hit detection fixed for counselor mostly when save grab someone too much and also sometime when fighting him.



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