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Found 9 results

  1. I just wanted to give a short introduction of myself and let others know where to find me. My name is Zomb Slays or better known as just Z. I’m a Music Producer and Digital Manager for several brands and artists in the underground music community. I’ve been a Friday The 13th fan since I was a teenager and it was always a dream of mine to have a game like Friday The 13th at the time. Fast forward to the launch of this game and I wasn’t gaming at all heavy, if I was it was other games like COD Zombies. I picked this game up for the first time on December 13th of this year (2019) because my friend who game shared with me had it downloaded. Initially I just played it for laughs but I noticed more and more things I enjoyed as a Friday The 13th fan and a competitive player coming from COD and Halo. Christmas Day I bought my own copy and it’s safe to say I’m taking the grind to rank 150. I currently play on Xbox One but I want to get a switch version at some point. My gamer tag on Xbox One is Zomb x Slays and if you want to run any games just send a friend request with a message that you found me from the forums. I was also thinking about playing competitively in private matches? Depending on if there are enough serious players/fans that could be something we set up in the future. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to see you around<3
  2. my name is Ashley! & I've been a fan of F13 since I was 16 (now 26) my brother got me the movies for Christmas. So Jason is hands down my favorite. I'm so happy about this game and I'm level 89! I wish I would have joined the forums sooner!!
  3. Hey all McLovin da Grin here! Big fan of the game and movies!
  4. As stated in the title, I am unable to morph as Jason or talk in-game as both Jason and Counselor. (Description of both bugs): -Jasons Morph: I pull up the map to morph just fine, however there is no "red dot" I can move around. Once I try to morph, it places me in the same spot, regardless if I attempt to "move the red dot" as if it was there. -No ingame voice: I simply cant talk. I can hear other players, but I cant say anything. Note: I also dont see names displayed above heads, idk if this is related, but of all the reports Ive read of people not being able to speak; this is also present. This happens regardless of the map I play on or the Jason/Counselor I use. I have been only playing private matches with friends and havent gotten a chance to play Jason in matchmaking, so I cant confirm if this is only isolated to Private Matches. I have not been able to correct this issue, but after doing a little research, I have noticed a common trend for people with this bug: -It happens to people using XB1 Elite Controllers -The issue occurs if they are using a wireless controller Now I do own and use an Elite Controller, but I dont own a normal controller with a 3.5mm port for my headset (meaning I cant confirm if my in-game voice works) but I can say the normal controller fixes my morph ability. Other things Ive tried to resolve issue but did not work: -Leave game and join new lobby -Hard Reset Console -Factory Reset Console -Opted out of the Dashboard preview program (I had a friend that did this when they couldnt speak, and I guess it worked so I figured I would try) -Using different account. -Unistalling/Reinstalling game. Please fix this issue , or give me some way to work around, I love the game but this REALLY sucks the fun right out of it I am playing on Xbox One and my gamertag is Original Wyatt
  5. Let's team up and play while we wait! Fellow Xbox One players, we've been handed the short straw. Content update #1 has been delayed due to failing the Microsoft certification process. Why sit around feeling sorry for ourselves? Let's get some positivity flowing and team up! To random or not to random, that is the question... I've taken part in a few random lobbies recently, it's been a blast! It adds another layer of difficulty to the game, we all need to adjust our play styles to suit the counselor that we're dealt. Add me, or drop your Gamertags! My Gamertag is Slashin Passion Of course, you don't need to play random, you'll be welcome to join in either way.
  6. When I try to join up on my husbands lobby (the reason we purchased was to game together) but it won't let us. We have to join up on randoms to do so. Even when trying to join up on our friends it wont let us. Any solutions for this yet? I'm on XB1
  7. When I try to join up on my husbands lobby (the reason we purchased was to game together) but it won't let us. We have to join up on randoms to do so. Even when trying to join up on our friends it wont let us. Any solutions for this yet? I'm on XB1
  8. Looking to start a private match for XB1. Drop your gamer tags in the thread or message XXTBoneCaponexX for an invite.
  9. Drop your GT in the forum and let's get a game going.
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