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Found 4 results

  1. Qcici

    But Why Though

    I saw an advertisement for this when I was watching a YouTube video. Why the fuck is everyone busting a nut over some fruit thing?
  2. I thought this is coming? So that people with Jason preference get more Jason games and no one is forced to take over the role of the pinata? I´d still like to know why this is not in the game from release on.
  3. Gun/Illfonic must fix Tiffany. It breaks my heart looking at how sad she is in character select. Girl has been crying all night! Pre-Patch: Post Patch: I will break the face of the man that broke her heart.
  4. When there is information about a specific subject released, I expect to find maybe one or two official places I can go to get that info. But with this game it's many, many places that I can't keep track of. Here's a list of them: Discord Official forums Steam community Facebook Twitter Instagram Sources close to Gun/Illfonic (Slash n' Cast and others) This is obviously a lot of searching to do and I don't like it. To keep up with the team I need to have at least 6 tabs open awaiting any information they may post since it never seems to be consistent on where it's posted. As an example, the recent fuck up with the "no license for Jason X". Slash N' Cast recently made a video questioning this and they even thought it was odd. They made the video 2 hours ago. Bens answer to this can be found in the forums here but if you aren't on the forums, you would have no way in knowing. It's bad when a credible source (who rarely ever gets info wrong) gets info wrong due to no fault of their own. Just to wrap this up, I think it's insane that I need to hunt for information about the game like Easter eggs (before and after release). They scatter little tid bits around until finally you get the full picture. Just to use another example, a thread was started on here called "counselor clothing pack". It started out as a question on if it were new clothes or simple retextures and reskins. We never received an answer until we were 16 pages into the thread, and the answer came from Discord. The "no dedicated servers for consoles" thread is shaping out the same way. Anyone else tired of going on witch hunts just to find info? Or is it just me?
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