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Found 2 results

  1. I Dont know about you but im just about sick of seeing the same scripts for Halloween franchises with Jamie Lee Curtis. I would like to see Jason Blumhouse and real horror fan writers of the Halloween franchise Bring back the feel and some charachters from THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME HALLOWEEN 1978. Bringing Back Tommy Doyle as an Adult Hero Character Makes a Ton more sense then to keep writing the same Villain and Feminist Hero Jamie Lee Curtis. How can fans email Jason Blum and request a New Dr. Loomis and Adult Tommy Doyle to be put back into The Halloween franchise. At Least Rob Zombie put more characters and Dr Loomis Back into his versions of Halloween.
  2. Why was the real life Adam (who is a short haired, goatee wearing biker looking guy) changed in the game to a long haired clean shaven biker looking guy?
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