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Found 8 results

  1. This one has been around for a while on YouTube, but I thought it was kind of funny.
  2. Oh, this was brutal to watch. I found this video online. It's only about 12 minutes long, but worth the watch. These folks (a guy, a few girls, and one squeaker) are fairly popular online streaming gamers, and apparently are all still Lvl 1-ish. Despite this being their NINETEENTH TIME to play. THE SHEER AMOUNT of mistakes they make! I was (metaphorically) SCREAMING at the computer monitor! They were SO wrong about almost EVERYTHING. . . . and still, they managed to escape. This must've been humiliating for the one playing Jason. Watch. Cringe. Feel better about your own gameplay.
  3. Decided to make this short parody last night and I thought some of you might enjoy it! It's a silly parody of the Friends intro but with Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Carrie, Pennywise (2017), and Chucky and TIffany. Nothing serious, but maybe it could get a few of you to laugh!
  4. @[IllFonic]Courier @GunMedia_Ben @lHeartBreakerl @TheHansonGoons @Tattooey @Risinggrave @DamonD7 @Alkavian @AldermachXI @Kodiak @JPops @Gertz @ColdArmy13 @illchuck This has recently become a serious problem and needs to be addressed soon in a new patch. Platform: Xbox One 1. Rain is creating serious lag issues and forcing some matches to be unplayable. 2. Extreme lag spikes recently for all players in quickplay. Happens in every match for me. Teleporting around the map. Players disconnecting. 3. Random fps drops that slow the game down to 5fps to 15fps. Very noticeable in large cabins or when it rains and the lag spikes assault the match endlessly. 4. Host quitting games ending the match in quickplay. I really hate when this happens. I know dedicated servers are on the way. This always kills my desire to play this game. 5. Jason players leaving the match as soon as they get selected. Counselor only players that did not want to be Jason. Please fix that so they will never be picked as Jason anymore. 6. Players quitting when they are not selected as Jason at the start of the match. 1000 matches as Jason. Going into a new lobby increases your chances. Faster than waiting hours in 1 lobby. 7. New windows bug that damages the player. You don't climb through the window. The window breaks without pressing the button to interact with it. Window system needs to be fixed asap.
  5. Hi guys ! I hope I'm in the right section and that I'm allowed to do it but I would like to share a short movie we made with friends about Friday the 13th : The Game in order to tease the October, Friday the 13th livestream. I would like to know what you guys think about it ♥. Enjoy ! (Don't worry, even if we're French, as they're no dialogues, it's not problem for anyone watching it). Thanks for watchiiiing ♥.
  6. Here is a video to show a few bugs after the new patch on Xbox One S. Bonus video. Killing Jason with nobody getting asphyxiated! . Looks like new patch helps out the counselors more than the developers anticipated.
  7. My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCznUAL5kX1uxNC9YrgsvQHw, and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  8. Hey everyone. As someone who makes game cinematics (Machinima) on YouTube I thought I'd make a list of features that would help myself and other filmmakers tell stories at Camp Crystal Lake. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm a niche market and that resources should be spent on good gameplay first. But if even some of these features made it into the game it would make me giddy with joy, knowing that I could film my own Slasher cinematics with Jason and the counselors. HUD Toggle. Simply being able to turn off the HUD is a must have. This also includes anything like outlines of teammates, glowing items, etc. Spectator Cam. Allows us to stage shots to create a truly cinematic look. A lot of games have successfully implemented this: Battlefield, Rocket League, even the rudimentary camera in Rust by Facepunch Studios is incredibly useful. Camera Settings such as depth of field, zoom, tilt, easy-ease (choose how smooth the camera movement is), 3rd person free-cam (camera can freely rotate around a fixed player). Easy-ease is the most important, as a sharp, stilted camera is jarring and not very cinematic. Emotes such as waving, screaming, sitting, jumping, and talking. This is pretty crucial if you don't want characters to just walk, run and stand still. It's a great way of getting characters to "act". And if some emotes have mouth movement, then you can start adding dialogue to scenes to create something more compelling. In-game VOIP with mouth movement. I know this one could be a stretch. Games like Rust and Ark have it and it makes filming dialogue really manageable, even if it's not too realistic. Basically, if you can talk to teammates over your mic and your counselors mouth moves when you do this, then I can die happy. Admin/Lobby settings. If we're able to toggle most game variables in a private lobby then it saves a lot of time. Such as game length, god mode, character no-clip, spawns, weather, etc. Apologies for the essay. Feel free to reply with your thoughts or any additional ideas. Below is one of my horror cinematics filmed in Rust. Now imagine something similar in Friday The 13th. THE POTENTIAL!
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