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Found 1 result

  1. Instead of coming up with a made up distance value from in game objects that would end up producing values that ultimately are going to be off I instead measured the duration of the movement of the shift which is 5 seconds to the frame on both + and reg and then found a morph spot with no obstructions the way jason is facing as every time you morph to a morph spot it will place both jason and the camera looking in a set direction every time, this is the only real way to perform the exact same shift across games. https://imgur.com/02WkeRK This is the morph position on this variation of pinehurst, the variation with a single house where the phone is will cause you to crash into the fence https://imgur.com/ZETGSON This is what it will look like when you spawn, it is important that you do not move your mouse https://imgur.com/ffQsor3 https://imgur.com/tSsKrpD This is j3 after his untouched shift showing the position he ends up in and the lowest angle of his knife https://imgur.com/yJxicaC https://imgur.com/IFqGQac When compared to where j9 ends up and the lowest angle of his knife throw from that position we can see that they end up in the same place exactly Note when trying this for yourself you will occasionally tap a tree stump to your left at the start, you must not count these shifts as bumps vary on how much they push you. Waiting for the camera to settle after morphing and shifting right as jason leans back the most during his idling animation is what I did to get the shift to pass the stump untouched however I'm not sure if this had an effect or if the angle of startup on a shift has slight variation, this should actually improve the accuracy of the test as it ensures all shifts come out close to their right most angle. Now since we know that both + shift and regular shift have a movement duration of 5 seconds and that they end up in the same spot when starting from the same position we can conclude that they are going the same speed. Here is the full gallery https://imgur.com/a/Y0CeU
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