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Found 2 results

  1. Don't get me wrong, i use knives all the time and they are a great weapon, but, how about if the Knives intead of hurting the counselor, make them more slow to run or jog? (Till they use a spray) knife make counselors 3% or maybe 5% more slow, that way the knives could be a lot more useful
  2. So far in the beta the weapons I have in my hand I try to use when I'm cornered and out of stamina. At least try to fight cause you get points if you do hit and you get stamina back for that too I believe. An this is of course me talking about the counselors side, I do get confused why people have a weapon if they don't use it in their final moments, even though they may get lucky. I also feel it's emotionally boosting to know at least you tried to hit him. I know the fighting mechanics aren't the best concerning how far of the distance you and Jason has to be to hit him and after one swing you instantly get grabbed by him cause it's like you almost miss every time even though you had a real face to face moment. Jason's attacking mechanics are quickly on par you can click a button and he will instantly do a quick slice attack while the counselors does this slow tiring swing animation. Feels not as fair if we wanna talk about balanced in a way, we should have both Jason and the counselors attack the same way just saying, I'm still confused. Also I feel most people grab weapons for comfort and still think of themselves not as strong, of course but feeling brave enough and calculating your stance towards Jason's should give you a upper hand. Jason players are going in so hard cause it's suppose to be a breeze while counselor players have to figure out the confusing system process and learn how to survive more every match. Also I get that internet connection making one or the other lag out could be the cause of missed hits but me having good connection matches not really. I'm just bringing this up cause I didn't find a thread for this topic and possibly everyones concern as well the only thing I see people use is mainly the shot-gun but then you gotta be really close and Jason is bobbing and weaving and the person playing him is taunting you on mic and he can grab you without his model touching your models body, I feel like they should be that close for Jason to pick a counselor up. Not from a far. ADDED EDIT : It's hard for me to say anything is wrong but seeing other peoples actions, there is something up I feel about the melee combat/battling scenarios that I don't see much of. Could be not on peoples minds of course but saying only if you are in a pinch to start fighting.
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