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Found 7 results

  1. Looks like this might be a new thing or maybe old but first time I have heard of it. Seems like it could be a problem once people figure out the high traffic spots around the areas like phone box, cars, boats, etc. Thoughts?
  2. I saw something interesting today playing against someone using retro Jason on Xbox. I was in a house, Jason saw me and came over to the door. I had trapped it and was standing near a window. He broke through the door and and I climbed out the window (hearing the distinctive *clink* of the the bear trap and getting my 50xp for Trapper). Instantaneously as I cleared the window Jason grabbed me out the outside of the building. Dafuq? He walked into the trap and it credited me with the action, but it did nothing to stop him. Later in the same match I was spectating. Saw a counselor go in through that same door and they got caught in my trap. Apparently, it registered as triggered but didn't. Jason comes after that counselor. That counselor resets the trap. Jason grabs her and walks right through the trap. It "triggers" but doesn't snap shut on his foot. Jason kills the counselor. Is this a glitch anyone else has seen happen? Jason wasn't blocking or anything like that. He simply was unaffected by the traps.
  3. So I just played a game where I was Jason, had a trap at the phone box, but somehow someone managed to fix the phone box without triggering the trap? There was no possible way he could've dodged it as it was in the perfect spot. After the match I asked in chat how he didn't trigger the trap, and all he said was ":)"
  4. I think it'd be great if on the Large Map, after the audio cue that one of Jason's traps has been sprung, there was some sort of visual indication as to which trap has been set off (flashing trap indicator?)
  5. How about Jason can place a barbed wire which is way bigger than the bear trap to slow down counselors rather than stopping them, so it could never be destroyed and can be used on multiple counselors for 1 barbed wire. (Just like Rainbow 6)
  6. So, most Jason players put their traps in important places, like infront of vehicles, doorways, any high flow area for councilors. Why can't they be deactivated? They're already hard enough to spot, so you should be able to deactivate them just like regular traps. Maybe make it so you have to be crouched for the option to appear. Seems like Jason gets all the fun. Just my opinion
  7. Have you encountered the bouncing car bug yet? That one was what you need to get where you could possibly step into the trap that someone (me, in my case) tried to place just outside the door. Too bad there was a lamp above that door, and THAT is where you put them. They can't be opened or taken from there and are basically lost. You might want to bring this... sky-rocketing trend which now cars AND traps follow to an end if you see it as important.
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