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Found 4 results

  1. The game has made such huge improvements over the years but the issue with the cops still bugs me and I think it needs addressing. When you call the cops and the counselor speaks to them screaming and crying and telling them where they are and the situation etc. Just to have Jason cut the line or kill the counselor 0.5 seconds before the call ends. My issue with this is that if you have gone through that much of the conversation with the police they should still send someone out at that point. Maybe just add a penalty like the police don't take it as seriously so it takes another minute or two then normal to arrive? But yeah i've just ran into so many scenarios where people try to rush the phone and Jason just keeps killing them one by one as they are 3/4ths through the phone call. You would think by that point the police would think something is up. I dunno I just think something involving the phone has to change in some way.
  2. I did a search and didn't see anything related to this so i thought i would bring it up. Not sure if anyone else feels this way but i fund that i find that the response time when performing actions like opening drawers, barricading doors, picking up items in drawers etc... is really delayed. I have had instances where i press that action button to open a drawer several times quickly when trying to speed up going through drawers and grabbing items and there is anywhere from a 1 to 3 second delay in my action being started. I think the response time from when pressing the button to perform an action should be fluid and right away. Anyone else have this issue? As a side note i can verify that it isn't a ping/lag issue
  3. After this update all i get is Connection time out for some reason.Never had this problem before and i really have a good connection.Any help?I get it in every game.
  4. Hey! It would be awesome to have the sun start rising the longer the game goes. This let's both Jason and the counselors know to the game is at a certain point other than just the 2 min warning. It would be a pretty cool aesthetic and make it a little more realistic.
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