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Found 2 results

  1. Now that part 4 as been out for awhile and peoples got to play or see the model,now tell me do you still think that he look too similarly to Part 3 ? I on the other hand dont think so,his body build is not the same,the shape of his head and the shape of his mask is not the same,the green shirt is weared differently with the sleeves completely down and the shirt being completely buttoned wich hide the white shirt under it,actually the way he wear his green shirt look more similar to how Part 6 wear it,when you look at both models side by side in the Jason selection menu. So...do you regret what you said or you still hold on to your original tought ?
  2. For anyone here who has seen Part 4, many are curious why he has a water speed weakness when he had murdered people in the water for that particular movie. Personally, I don't think it ties directly to the movie storyline. Instead, my hunch is that it's moreso based on an infamous event that took place during the filming. The scene where the character Samantha is murdered on the raft floating in the lake was shot during the winter time, which meant the actress was essentially wearing very little clothing in an extremely cold (and wet) environment. It reached the point where the actress started crying in sheer pain from freezing, but the film's director (Joseph Zito) didn't want to stop the shoot because he believed the crying added to the realism. Ted White, the actor who protrayed Jason in the film, thought otherwise. He was extremely worried that Judie Aronson (the actress who protrayed Samantha in the film) could get hypothermia, and tried to get Zito to stop the scene at the time so Judie could warm up (or at least let her warm up when the camera wasn't on her). When that didn't happen, Ted White became extremely pissed, and threatened to quit on the spot if Judie wasn't allowed to warm up again. At that point Zito complied, but the event became known to the public eventually. Even worse, Aronson did get hypothermia and became deathly ill, but was able to finish her role while recovering. People have cited Part 4 Jason not deserving a water speed weakness because he murdered people in the water during this film, but honestly I don't see a correlation here. Instead, I choose to believe this weakness was inspired by the fact that "Jason" actually saved someone from dying in this movie, even if it was off-screen. It's also the reason why Ted White is one of my favorites when it comes to actors who portrayed Jason.
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