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Found 9 results

  1. I literally just got out of a game where a person had all 4 people in the 4 seater. Just started casually driving around the map, "claiming that they are distracting Jason". They then Run over anyone else they see and then they also run anyone over who gets out of the car. It was pretty dumb. Not only did I repair that car fully, i didnt even get the escape bonus. I come back as Tommy just to get ran over again. People should still be able to get banned for doing that. It isnt right, and it isnt fun.
  2. This is more of a blog-ish post, but anyway, I did a match recently with a not-that-good Jason player using part 8. Using Chad, I was able to grab a car battery on the northernmost part of the higgins map and was about to put it in the only car near me when Jason morphed to it. Naturally I dropped the battery and started juking him in the different buildings, and since he saw me with the battery, knew he'd basically patrol the car like a fiend. So I moved back towards the center of the map and considered a different escape. Along the way, I ran into some other counselors and the jason player was hounding me like mad, very severely. One player was a doorknob who wouldn't shut up over the mic and had to be 8. This doorknob is someone I should have teamkilled. While moving from building to building, I found the phone fuse and as I kept moving, keeping away from a group with the others, I found the phone box on the cabin JUST south of the main building on the map. Naturally I went for it and, as I thought, there were no traps by the box because this jason was a new player. I was about to install the fuse, when looking at my mini map, I see another counselor running towards me. It's the doorknob player, squeaking and screeching that jason is after him and, because I'm CHAD, repairing is taking a while and, as I assumed, because of the moron's incessant squeaking, Jason is hot on his heels, but sees me messign with the phone box and grabs me. I had a knife and got away, ending up inside the building with the stupid person. Jason ended up moving away and I looked at the box, finding a beartrap by it now. Not wanting to hurt myself, I kept making the motion that the doorknob should get in the trap. But no he won't. so I just activate the box and somehow didn't trigger the trap, but Jason is on top of us once more, and no matter where I ran, this screechy dumbass would NOT leave me alone and would blow my position non stop. it FINALLY stopped when I ran off with the phone fuse and made a mad dash away from the cabin. The idiot followed me and I doubled back, past Jason and just hauled ass. Jason cornered the guy and... [Squeaky doorknob has left the game] He didn't even wait to see if Jason would catch him. At this point I was one of two people on the map and because NONE of the objectives were done,and this jason apparently had some personal vendetta against me, the jason eventually caught me. Considering I had an AXE for a long period of time, I should have taken it to that disruptive asshat's face. I sadly expect to see more such situations popping up when teamkilling is removed.
  3. http://kotaku.com/in-friday-the-13th-the-real-killer-isn-t-jason-it-s-yo-1797603404 "Solid_Snake7 was not cowed, instead putting forth a bleak picture of days to come for the unlucky ones who end up in a lobby with him: “You’re just mad because the team killing will never stop. We own this game.”" first off, fuck that guy. the articles worth the read.
  4. Exactly what the title says. Thanks for listening to your community and nerfing weapons so the griefer scumbags can finally not ruin our matches as remotely easily as before.
  5. Call me out for generalizing if you want. I dont mind you doing it because I hate when others do it too. But I'm nevertheless gonna make this post because I'm so unfathomly sick and tired of these russian hackers and teamed up scummy players that ghost the ENTIRE couselor team, afk with parts for the boat or car, whilst telling the Jason player if someone comes near the vehicles. And if it ain't that, its teamkilling or otherwise sabotage. Does this happen with players of other nationality too? Of course. But its like every single god damn match when russians are present. I dont want to get into a debate about the cultural cheating aspect of Russians themselves. Thats a psychological discussion of which isn't appropriate here. What I'll say is this. I dont want this game to be turned into a CS GO Rush B Cyka Blyat fest of of scumbag players that dont care about anything but to troll and waste players time. Please... region lock Russia. We have no ban system. We have no kick system. We have absolutely NOTHING to prevent this kind of scumbag behavior. I've checked several accounts so far. One being Commander Dolan. Check him out yourself and his friend with a russian name that I cannot type. They got multiple vac bans, yet dont give a remote damn. Does this mean all russians are like this? Nope. Of course not. But in gaming its no secret after the laugh factory that is CS GO or Dota have been hit hard by their presence. My post doesn't contain any statistical facts. Only my experience over the years, and now in this game as well. I am sick and tired of russians that cheat, scam and exploit. And its like its a joke to them. All I have is my experience. Most russians I play with violate the rules one way or the other. All is takes is a simple name search on Steam and boom. You realize the jason russian is teamed up with the 2 counselors that just beat the living shit outta you to slow you down. Or even more annoying, smiling at you as jason tore your head off, just as you arrived with the gas for the boat, seeing the russian friend was holding the propeler, waving as I got murdered. I care about this game. I dont want it to turn into some hacker haven, russian fest where nobody takes anything serious. That nation has a problem with cheating in its very culture. Be it sports, gaming, Hell even the olympics. Final words: This is a rant. I dont expect a region lock to ever happen, but I can hope at least. Share your thoughts. Let me know if this happened to you too.
  6. My experience tonight was awful, not a single round went unblemished: In no particular order Packaknack roof exploiters Host quitting Host quitting because I killed them as Jason More Packaknack roof exploiters Children 12 and under teamkilling, working with Jason Rinse/repeat I think I'm done until this all gets patched/fixed. It only takes one person to hijack your game. Whether it being exploits, team killing or simply quitting as host- you're at the mercy of someone else and the PS4 community at large has shown they're more interested in playing hostage with you than playing the intended game. There's a surprising amount of kids in-game also and their priority seems to be using the glitches and exploits. The gameplay has grown a little stale and I can live with that but the game as a whole is fundamentally flawed and flat-out broken in many respects. At the very least, host migration should be the #1 priority after fixing all of the exploits. With the wrong group of people (and it happens a lot), the game is unplayable.
  7. Can we report team killers? I've recorded gameplay of other players intentionally trying to ruin the experience of other players by team killing as counselors. Is this a bannable offense?
  8. I'm thinking the new -1000XP penalty for teamkilling might be too high. Mind you, in an ideal-world that doesn't contain people intentionally trolling and griefing, it would be fine. I am, however worried about people running in front of cars to try to block them to force them to be let in, or get mowed down to "harm" the driver who "deserted them" that sort of thing, or accidental kills via traps. I'm thinking of something like the following: This could be implemented "per match" but it would be better implemented as a per-account setup, if possible. I would start the first kill penalty at -250xp, the next at -500xp, the third at -1,000xp. Ideally, if it were account-based, this would "burn off" at a rate of something like 30 minutes, an hour or two hours (variable depending on dev needs, or possibly even by the number of teamkills in a period (say 24 hours). It stays at 1,000xp for every additional TK that happens while you're at that high burn level, and it resets and/or raises your duration before it "burns off". After enough time passes it "burns down" one level. After more time passes with no TK, it "burns down" another level, etc. until you're back to 250 for your first. You could also of course start at -100xp, then -250xp, etc. The specifics of the numbers, burn off times, etc. are of course left up to variability or needs. Thoughts?
  9. Hello guys, i just want to ask how i can contact the support, it seems like they ban hardcore trolls, but how i can show them a video? I had just a match with 4 premades assholes (4 french guys all friends in steam, the trolls were Orwell, Xénophée, AKU and SQUIDAMOUCHE), i messed up to recording the first match... I knocked Jason out for a couple of times, and his 3 friends tried to kill me or blocking my way all the time. After Jason killed me, they was just playing around, fighting a bit, let one of his friends escape then killed the other guy after a long time. They were dumb enough to team up with their Jason buddy again, i tried to repair the boat and this guys started to attack me. Now they called Jason on TS/Discord and helped him to stop me.... after he killed me, he teleport away to killing the other guys too, he didn't even attack his friends near the boat. So he letting 2 of his friends escape with the boat and just kill his last friend then. (sorry for my bad english) I am not a funkiller, some trolls are really funny if they do not exaggerate it.... but is hate guys who just tries to destroy the fun of other players.... thats a mess. Those guys do ghosting, teamkilling, teaming up with Jason and more shit.... and they just said something like "Lol fuck you! It is forbidden to play with friends" after the first match. (just skip to 5:50 if you dont wanna see the whole match)
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