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Found 3 results

  1. As you know, Team kill was completely removed from public matches in the recent update, you may thing this is a good thing for you and a bad thing for trolls, but in reality it is a good thing for trolls, now you will not be able to stop them! My solution is here: If someone kills a counselor he becomes a traitor for the entire team, he will be marked as a red dot in the map so the other counselors have the option to kill him and take revenge. This will give the player who killed him some extra XP. On the other hand for the teamkiller (traitor) he will lose all his XP just like before. What do you think?
  2. Developers, Specific Bannable Offenses Rule #7 Reads in part: "we do not ban for team-killing" Why is there no ban for serial team-killers? I understand the need to not report people you simply don't like, but intentional team-killing seems to be a different issue all together. I have video of three separate players in one night, intentionally killing multiple people in-game and in doing so, they destroyed two matches completely. In one case, I got him to admit it on video, and the other two are seen laughing and joking about killing others as they are doing it. This seems to be becoming a more common problem and it ruins the experience of the game. Toxic players are capitalizing on the fact that this is, as of yet, not a bannable offense. Please consider doing one of the following: 1. Include Intentional team-killing as a bannable offense, requiring proof of intent along with video in order to qualify for ban. 2. Create an in-game "reputation" system where other players can rate 1-5 stars and also click on a reason for the rating like cheating/exploits/team-kill/abusive, etc. and allow people in Public Lobby to check a box to avoid being matched with such players. With how much intentional-team-killing ruins the game, I'm surprised there is no recourse. -Espionage Cosmo
  3. I wish I could say this was the first time I'd been hit with a stray bullet but it's happened like 5-6 times now. I'm not salty about it, it's pretty funny but I'm curious if the bullets are passing through Jason or if there's a spread to the shot and I'm being hit by that.
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