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Found 1 result

  1. good day community, i thought i would share an opinion, and this is by no means bashing the game, for i loved the game and supported its development when it was first announced while the game provides something fresh to the world of gaming, i cannot help but feel that the state of the game has been a let down. NO, im not talking about bugs, majority of bugs can be fixed with time itself so whats been bothering me lately?.... the balancing itself, now before people run off and say "muh jasons is suppozed to be OP", i would like to say YES he is op, and giving counselors a bit of a chance to escape will not break the game by any means 1.) first and foremost is the god damn traps, does any one ever fall for the traps?..... no because we know where every jason player ( that has half a brain) will put it, teleport to the phone box put 2 traps, and skidaddle off, and all jason has to do watch the map periodically to make sure no one has tampered with the trap EVEN worse the only way to stop it is sacrifice a knife, seriously!!!, A KNIFE it doesnt matter whether or not you found every part in the game, but if a jason decides to stack more than one trap at the objectives, you might as well quit the game 2.) the damn grab, invulnerable animations, a reach that outranges a counselors attack, its been discussed multiple times, i dont think we need to discuss it more 3.) STALK,, now stalk isnt by any means OP, but in the end why it comes so late in the game is quite questionable, letting players have it early on in the game could potentially help out in changing the core gameplay - as it stands now, all you do is chase a counselor till she/he runs out of stamina, why cant we use stalk and try to ambush a counselor by being stealthy about it? 4.) BIGGEST ISSUE counselor deaths, my other biggest issue with the game, is that it progressively gets harder as each counselor dies, and when they have a part for the objective, youre shit out of luck, because once he/she dies, you unless you find their body ( which could be anywhere on the map ) - pls let their deaths be marked on the map, or at least give us a general idea of where the counselor may have died so we can search their body for the parts 5.) HIDING, its a joke TLDR, the game was fun, but the more i play it, the more i just get bored, too hard to escape as a counselor, and too easy to play as jason... there had not been one game recently that i had not killed all the counselors as jason, i reall really LOVE the game... but come on, with the way it is, i could love it more what does the developers have in store for the balancing in future?, are these issues being looked at?
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