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Found 5 results

  1. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Xbox Prisoner/video/44162890 Lol been like that the whole game. No one helped me. They just thought they gonna go home free with a bucket of XP, Haha nope. Simply closed the game after they stared and danced around me. I would of let them run if they did helped
  2. After exiting the car that was smashed by Jason and throwing firecrackers, I got stuck between Jason and the car with no way to run away OR get back in the car.
  3. I was playing a match as jason and i killed all of the counselors that didn't leave the match and i got stuck on the match alone, some dead counselors could spectate and stuff, but i could walk and do everything and the match didn't ended, i take a picture of the scoreboard btw. Scoreboard I'm playing on PC. Steam id: fabianalejandro
  4. I apologize if this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find anything. The small rocks and hills need to be reworked as to allow both counselors and Jason to simply walk over them, plain and simple. I can't say how many times I'm running away from Jason and my character just stops going forward, I look down and notice there's a tiny rock blocking me or I'm going up or down a hill and there's an invisible wall, so I either get killed because of it or he gains on me with less stamina at my disposal because I had to go back TOWARDS Jason just to go around said rock or hill. It's even more relevant when he's been chasing me for awhile and I'm low on stamina with limited vision because of fear. It's also annoying as Jason but not as much considering he can see perfectly and has infinite stamina. It is however really annoying when you're using shift and you get caught on every bump and pebble.
  5. I tried to buy a perk in the store after I finished a match, but the store froze and I couldn't go back.
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