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Found 5 results

  1. I had a strike of inspiration yesterday when I saw a screenshot, and decided to share. Apparently, during the alpha it was planned for counselors and Jason to have their own abilities. I wondered what those could have been, and so I came up with some of my own. Let's begin! Adam Palomino and Fox: +30% car starting speed, and driving speed. A.J Mason: Tosses a radio at Jason in the face, stunning him. It resets fear level, and boosts +1 speed for a short period of time. Requeriments: Being within a building with a radio, and standing next to it to trigger an enviromental interaction. The radio is then permanently destroyed. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson: 30% Stun duration. Chad Kensington: +20% attack speed. Deborah Kim: +30% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability while indoors. Homey girl! Eric Lachappa: He comes with a trap disarming kit which enables him to break traps. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. (Who's useless now?) Jenny Myers: Increases +1 Speed per Fear Level. Max +4 Speed at Fear Stage 4. The boost is reset once the fear is completely gone. Tiffany Cox: Damsel in distress. All male characters within a certain range will receive +15% attack speed Kenny Riedell: Head Counselor. All characters within a certain range will receive a +15% increased chance to stun Jason with any weapon. Mitch Floyd: Designated medic. Using a spray on others also heals him for the same amount of health. Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein: He fakes his own death for up to 2 minutes, which gives him a 50% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. Vanessa Jones: She's able to wrap the arm of an impaired counselor around her shoulder and lead them to safety. They can let go of each other at any time by pressing E. Receiving any damage separates them. Other changes: Improved traps: Disarming traps with pocket knives triggers a minigame with difficulty based on repair skill. More Danger: Failing a skill check while fixing phone boxes and light boxes causes minor damage (Like going through broken windows.) Or/and alternatively... More Fear: Failing any skill check to complete objectives increases fear level by 1. Now, on Jason's part...! In addition, I'd like to bump @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow's thread. Part 2 Jason: Marked. Whomever steps into one of his traps is marked on the minimap for Jason to track for one minute. Part 3 Jason: He automatically enters stealth mode within a certain radio around the barn. It will last until being spotted, then, it will have 2 minutes of cooldown. (He spent most of the movie sneaking around that damn barn, lol.) Part 4 Jason: He gets a minor speed buff that increases for the longer he has been chasing a counselor within a certain radio (Music cue) Part 6 Jason: Tendon slash. He swipes the floor with his spear, creating a large cone in front of him that deals a basic slash damage, and causes counselors to limp for 5 seconds. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown. Part 7 Jason: He can use the chain around his neck to slash counselors from a medium distance and cause basic slash damage. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown, and can be used while walking. Part 8 Jason: +30% attack speed. Part 9 Jason: +30% stun resistance. Savini Jason: -15% attack speed to counselors nearby.
  2. Let me start off by saying that so far I'm loving this game despite server issues and bugs, but the issue I'm having is that I feel like Jason's powers need some adjusting. Specifically the shift ability. I understand that Jason is a powerhouse and needs to be to make this game work and remain fun, but when you can just use shift and float up on campers and instantly grab them and hit em with an Insta kill it kinda ruins it for me. It's awful when you're a camper trying to evade Jason, and it's boring when playing as Jason when all you need to do is use shift. So I have a few ideas to balance it out. Idea 1: make Jason unable to grab campers immediately upon exiting his shift. This would make it much less broken in my opinion. It'll give the campers a chance to realize that Jason is there before death inevitably comes for them. Idea 2: Make shift the power that charges up during the game in place of rage and make rage and regular ability with a 3 or 4 second duration and a longer than normal cooldown. By the time rage charges it just feels very underwhelming since campers have either escaped or are no longer trying to hide in houses. I have never been in a situation where I've gone "FINALLY I HAVE RAGE I CAN KILL THE REST OF THE CAMPERS!" Shift just feels like the end all beat all of Jason's abilities. Let me just be clear that I'm not complaining that Jason is overpowered. He's supposed to be. I just think the shift grab is makes the game a little boring
  3. When jason is inside a house he can use shift and he will dissapear and shows up just in front of the counselor, thats a bit unfair because counselors have a weak stamina, they barely can run and jason can teleport everywhere very easy HE IS NOT SLENDERMAN he is Jason, he cant dissapear when he is inside a house, its better if you see him walking to you and there is more suspense. Also when you let the doors open and Jason uses shift ability for get inside fast it would be an invisible wall for him in the door frame. Thanks for reading. Offtopic: the shift + grab should be removed by making a cooldown for grab when he finishes the shift ability, and that would happen with all his abilities, cooldowns for all skills when he finish one of them.
  4. Hi guys! I know that Skills´s Strengths bonuses are mentioned in the @Kodiak guide/tips (as the in-game menu) and in several other threads in this forum. However, I did not find answers to the practical details like: measured, quantified, tested and confirmed bonuses and advantages. so...I made this thread because I want to reunite all Skills Strengths/Bonuses and Weaknesses/Disadvantages. At first, I'd like to know specially the difference between a Jason's normal Shift and the J9 / Savini´s that have Shift as one of their strengths/advantage. Do their Shift have more speed or longer range/duration? or both? Traps are easy: Default: 5 traps; Strengths: 7 traps; Weknesses: 3 traps What about the other skills? Did someone tested these or any other Strenghts x Default x Weknesses Skills? ________________________________________ All + STRENGTHS and - WEAKNESSES: +Can Run (self explanatory) -Cant´Run (self explanatory) +Traps: 7 traps -Traps: 3 traps +Morph -Morph +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength -Grip Strength +Throwing Knives +Sense -Sense +Shift -Shift +Water Speed -Water Speed +Destruction +Stalk -Stalk +Stun Resistance -Stun Resistance -Defense -Less HP ____________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has measured or will measure some of the above differences, please share. I´m counting on your collaboration I´ll be editing this topic as I get the information and I will be completing the descriptions already known, too. Cheers!
  5. Since the counselors each are getting unique abilities to them to maybe compliment their playstyle or cover some weaknesses, I was thinking about why not give the different Jasons some unique abilities as well beyond the 3 strengths and weaknesses. It could be something simple and subtle such as an even greater underwater move speed for Jason 7, to a more drastic change like being underwater giving you free morphs to other underwater locations with no cooldowns. Whatever they are, I'm sure they could help in making all the different Jasons stand out more from one another and help to keep their gameplay a little bit more unique to each different Jason, even if the skills' effects are made small and subtle.
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