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Found 6 results

  1. I was playing as Tommy and helping my teammates escape with the cops when the host () left out of rage I reacted by calling him a pussy (because I was Tommy) apparently he was 9 and his dad his trying to get me banned for swearing in an m rated game
  2. If a whole bunch of my friends and I were to go into a private match and play and screw around like having someone follow jason around or something of the sorts is that bannable since your in a PRIVATE match with a whole bunch of your friends
  3. This game need some rules,is like a jail without cops,and sorry for my bad english. 1 Kick command:Boring thing by far,see trolls or friends of Jason who not let you play like :open your door,remove your trap,steal the object,kill all with the car,and block you in front of the door and let is friend Jason take you;Or Jason kill all and let is friend alive,and you must see this 2 tards for 10 minute without end the game,so..let the kick button real,2-3 player "Yes" and Ciao. 2 Unable to press the Option Button:Sometimes some kids or loosers,dont' let you to end your kill animation as a Jason,cause he quit,so you lost the XP;Or when he play as a Jason and get destroyed by the Counsouler and drop in his knee,he leave,and don't let you kill him,then put the unable command to press option when Jason get Stunned or in Cutscene,is an annoying thing. 3:Host migration:As a Jason,when he cannot take anyone he quit,as a Counsouler when he die or when he die and see other Counsouler win the match,he quit,unfair. 4:Leave Penalty:So many leavers in this game,put some penalty like,1 time 5 minute,2 time 30 minute,3 time in a row 1 day,4 time the rest of his life. That's all,i think,so many grammar errors,btw i think someone will understand,CIAO!
  4. Let me start off by saying I do not work for gun media or any official company dealing with the game Since there has been a new update to the ban of the game reasons I have been in contact with the people behind Friday the 13th and have taken the opportunity to be a reporter of hackers/glitchers I cannot stand more than when I want to enjoy a game and have it ruined by someone who wants to hide under the map. So if anyone reading this is one of those glitchers then be warned. I'd be happy to have games with new players for my ps4 account so if you are interested then post your ps4 name below and I will accept to enjoy a good glitch free game. You glitchers have been warned!
  5. I hope I don't earn too big of a stink eye from the moderators and admins, but I had a thought regarding the excessive threads being posted by the "protest" crowd that keep bringing up the PS4 woes. Shouldn't these topics be limited to the Suggestion/Feedback forums or the game bug reporting forum? All these topics are pertaining the the back-end service issues of the game which have not one, but two forums dedicated to those types of issues. I always viewed the "General Discussion" forum as a catch all for topics whose subject matter didn't already have a pre-defined forum put in place.
  6. Hi there i just wanted to know where are the rules and if someone could write them down so everybody knows it would be awesome. Like where is the rule about not talking about the release date. i looked for the topic about the release date and even posted one but was met with jpopsachode and was given a warning. This is strange. Does jpops have to be a chode? does he suck chode? idk and im not sure but one thing that's for certain is that the fans should have a right to talk about their feelings towards the release date. or be directed to the topic.
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