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Found 2 results

  1. I was having some thoughts in regards to the general profiles of various Jasons in the game. With the current imbalance between Jason stats, we do have quite a specific meta established (which I think needs to be addressed) in regards to what abilities are prime and which ones are throwaway. Assuming Gun/Illfonic won't be adjusting Jason's stats and what they do anytime soon, lets look at some profiles for Jason that could be used without resorting to the +Destruction, +Shift, no -Traps concept. IDEA #1 (Undead Objective Controller): This Jason would be able to teleport often, interdict well in the water, and ambush his prey effectively. Taking no penalty to traps and Shift (while not handing out Shift+) would make for a very good guard dog and ambush killer without resorting to Destruction buffs, Traps, and Shift to make him effective. Stunning slightly longer, not being able to run, and having a few less hit points blunt the profile without making it ineffective in an objective controller role. STRENGTHS: +Morph +Water Speed + Stalk WEAKNESSES: - Can Run - Stun Resistance - Hit Points IDEA #2 (Utilitarian): More traps and more knives. A hop in his step for evening jogs and no penalty to swim. Nothing too offensive and nothing too defensive. STRENGTHS: +Traps +Throwing Knives +Can Run WEAKNESSES: - Sense - Defense - Grip Strength Do you guys have any ideas for Jason profiles that don't fall into the typical meta wish list?
  2. I've been thinking. It seems that Jason's tend to fall into two roles. Aggressors and Controllers. Now this isn't based off of anything other than observation and playing them all many times. Certain Jason's defiantly have a specific play style where they tend to shine when I'm playing them. How do you all feel about the way Jason's "feel" when played? Could it be that Part 7 is considered the weakest because he doesn't have many "strong" traits to help define his role? I play him as an aggressor because he is just not well suited for objective control despite great situational awareness. Part 2: Controller *Lots of traps for objective control. Great Morph to get to traps and objectives quickly. Part 3: Aggressor * Can run and deals more weapon damage. Grip strength (subjective) Part 6: Controller * Weapon reach for short range advantage combined with knives and shift. Best short range controller in the game. Sense bonus - once again caters to a short range controller style. No trap penalty allows for good objective control. Part 7: Aggressor (barely) * Fastest weapon speed. Increased grip strength (which matters little in the current meta). Fast water speed (subjective). His bizarre super hearing lends itself to controller play, but it seems to be lost on the fact he doesn't control well. In this case I think it just helps him find prey at greater distances. Part 8: Aggressor * Destruction and stalk. Fast water speed (subjective). One of the best aggressors in the game. Part 9: Aggressor *Stalk and stun resistance (subjective). Also has shift which leans towards controller, but the given the lack of controller features, he seems better suited as an aggressor. Seems best as an ambush hunter. S Jason: Aggressor *Weapon reach, damage, and destruction. Shift leans towards controller, but in this instance he works more like Part 9 where shift is an aggressor trait. His weapon reach and lack of trap penalty allows him to work fine in a controller role as well but his flavor definitely seems more savage. NOTE: I should state by Controller I'm referring to objective control and influence of Jason's immediate area in regards to reach and situational awareness. Aggressors are those who excel at dealing damage, pushing through fortifications, and exhausting counselors with a brutal onslaught. They beat the counselors into submission or ambush them when their guard is down.
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