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Found 1 result

  1. Forgive me if there has been a topic already made about this. I took my time to redo and rework the stats bc currently, in my opinion, the stats are great but could use a little bit of work. Composure: Reduces the amount of fear you receive when you are in a vulnerable state. Fear goes down quicker when you (for example) have a weapon or are indoors. Decreases the amount of Sense Jason tracks you with. The higher your composure is, the higher your speed is while breaking out of J's grab. Luck: Slightly increases chances of finding items in drawers, and increases weapon durability as well as decreasing vehicle start times. Repair: Increases repair speed & decreases the number of skill checks and makes skill checks larger. Speed: Increases top speed and slightly increases the speed of actions (e.g.: healing yourself, closing a door) Stamina: Increases time you can walk/jog/run for; less stamina is consumed during actions when you have a high stamina. Stealth: Reduces the sizes of noise pings, and quiets noisy actions. There is a chance, based on your stealth, that failed repair skill checks will not alert Jason depending on your stealth (@Alkavian. I think that's how you spell it). Strength: Increases attack speed, as well as overall damage for counselors. Low strength characters will attack at a slower pace, while high strength characters will attack fast. Also increases durability against damage. You will boost the speed of breaking out of Jason's grabs. Some other increases too: Composure: 45% chance to not yelp at the sight of Jason if your composure is high Luck: 5% chance to make you 'invincible' for a couple of seconds if your luck is high Repair: Repairs will have 1 skill check if you are completely injured and in a chase Speed: Counselors within 4 meters will get a speed boost of 3% if they are out of stamina Stamina: Your stamina regens quickly if you have high fear Stealth: High stealth will provide you with a 20% chance of not making a single sound when Jason is in your vicinity. Strength: Stun time on Jason is increased by 1-6% if your counselor has high strength The reason why I thought to re-work these is because I thought it was stupid that high stamina characters, like Vanessa and Tiff, run out of stamina quickly even though their stamina is a 9. (by that, i mean if you watch a video about running or whatever WITHOUT marathon, running will be quick and you'll lose stamina quickly.) I also thought it was stupid that Strength actually does help with breaking out of Jason's grab, it's just not listed. Eh, whatever.
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