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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Not sure which subdomain (if any :/) this belongs in. If it isn't appropriate, please delete, admins. I thought it'd be fun for everyone to list their personal rankings on which F13 films they liked, from best to least. Now, I have not seen Jason X or the Freddy one, so mine are based on the first 9 and the reboot. Here goes! 1. Part 2 . I think this one has all the elements I enjoy about the genre. Jason makes his debut, which is the only thing placing this above 1, enjoyable cast of counselors. Judge me as you will, but I could have used a moment or three of more boobs. Otherwise, perfect. Sack head always freaked me out more than the hockey mask. And the reveal was excellent! 2. Part 1 . The film was gritty and when I first saw it I was surprised by the ending. Other than the lack of realism (even for an F13 flick!) what with Pamela's kills, it's as near perfect as a slasher gets. 3. Part 4 . I expect this to be most people's choice. It's an excellent addition to the franchise. Probably should be number 1, in truth, but I have a soft spot for the first 2. Hey, I'm 45 years old... what can I say? Feldman's final scenes were boss. 4. Part 3. I recall seeing this in the movies and even then I thought the 3D effects were cheesy af... But, otherwise, it's a solid entry. I rewatched a few times over the years, even as recently as 2 weeks ago, and it holds up well, despite the forced perspective for those 3Dkills. 5. Part 6. I struggle with ranking the rest, as there's a real separation for me from those 4 above to the remainder. I think this one wins out as best of the "worst", though. I like this Tommy well enough, certainly better than Part 5's. Nowhere near as much as Feldman's, of course. I also struggle with the fact that they made Jason so supernatural and, well... weird, going forward. But this was the first in that new direction. And I think still the best. 6. Reboot. Other than making Jason a feral woodsman, fast and agile, I liked this one. There was a good group of victims, well-rounded tropes. Girl next door, hot chick, stoner, jock (also a stoner) "hero", big jerk, etc. The more I think I about it, the more I a waffle between moving this up a spot. It wasn't perfect, by any stretch, and could never approach those big 4, but I enjoyed it more than I think most did. A couple of humorous parts helped, too. 7. Part 7. The last of the ones that I'll likely ever rewatch (again). Tina is ok and I like that there's a scumbag to root against, but the film, overall, is as mediocre as it gets. But hey, Russell and that Chad sweater, right? 8. Part 5. We're getting into the films that I didn't care for as much, now. This one, for me, suffers from the direction they took with Tommy. While I understand many/most of us would go crazy from his experiences, I didn't care for how it was handled. And the fact that Jason's involvement, was... shall we say minimal? did not help. Though I still would love a Roy Burns in our beloved game here... 8. Part 8. I wouldn't say I actively dislike this addition to the franchise... It has some redeeming elements. Some interesting kills, a couple of "likable" characters... But the boat and the streets are no place for Jason. As tired as it may be to be set in the woods and cabins, that feels like F13 to me. Not the Big Apple. Well, the fifteen minutes of the city it's set in anyways. In totality? Bad. 9. Part 9. Wow. Well, I watched it. Once. Don't really need to say much more than this. As I stated, I have not braved X or Freddy's, yet. So... what say yous?
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