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Found 2 results

  1. In light of the reveal of Part 4 Jason, here is my thread about Jason having 4 strengths and weaknesses, now updated to Version 3.0. I've changed many things, take a look. Before going into the list, some fundamental changes: New Strengths & Weaknesses Fear: How quickly each Jason raises counselor fear. Neutral Fear: Original Fear rate. Fear Strength: 2x fear gain rate. Rage: How quickly each Jason gains rage ability. Includes the Rage timer and how much the meter fills up with each counselor attack. Neutral Rage: Original Rage gain rate +Rage: Successful attacks against Jason have 1.5x faster Rage gain rate. Rage unlocks at 12 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes normally. Additionally, breakable fences can be broken simply by being walked through. Doors and walls that are damaged enough or fragile enough to be destroyed upon the next hit can optionally be "raged" through for the final blow. Modified Strengths & Weaknesses Stalk: Stalk now removes Jason's minimap icon when active, except when spotted by a flare. All sounds related to Jason's activities(moving, setting traps, picking up throwing knives) are muted when in stalk. Sense: After toggling Sense on then off, the meter no longer immediately recharges. The meter remains at its current position. To fully recharge, Sense must be allowed to fully deplete. Stun Resistance: In addition to Stun Resistance as it already stands, now consecutive stuns against Jason build up his stun resistance(makes the stuns shorter) the more he gets stunned, up to a point, for a limited time frame. This would "cool down" to normal stun resistance while not getting attacked. Think of it as a meter, similar to the struggle meter. It is dependent on each Jason's stun resistance, as follows: -Stun Resistance: Minor stun resistance buff after a few consecutive stuns for a short time. Neutral Stun Resistance: Moderate stun resistance buff after a few consecutive stuns for a longer time. +Stun Resistance: Bigger stun resistance buff after a few consecutive stuns for an even longer time. Grip Strength: Grabs now inflict damage onto counselors. Damage varies based on each counselor's Strength stat, and can be additionally reduced by the Thick Skinned perk. Considering counselors to have 100 "points" worth of health, it is as follows: -Grip Strength: Zero damage. Normal Grip Strength: 5% damage. +Grip Strength: 10% damage. And now for the list. Credit to @bewareofbears for the foundation for Roy's stats. EDIT: I changed Roy's stat's to reflect the officially listed stats with 2 additions of my own. Credit to @NoOneK9503 as the inspiration for the Uber Jason stats(I changed a couple of them though). I am open to feedback. If you believe some of these need changing then let me know and why you feel that way. Jason Overhaul List Part 2: PROS CONS + Can Run - Shift + Traps - Defense + Morph - Water Speed + Sense - Grip Strength Part 2 Added Pros & Cons +Sense: Added to reflect the "hunter" aspect of the character. -Grip Strength: Added to represent a "weaker" Jason from part 2. Jason fought Paul hand-to-hand and did not kill him. Part 3 PROS CONS + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Weapon Strength - Sense + Grip Strength - Stalk + Throwing Knives - Water Speed Part 3 Added Pros & Cons +Throwing Knives - Added to improve versatility. -Water Speed - It was Part 3's weakness in the beta, and it makes sense because in the film Part 3 didn't do anything in water. Part 4 PROS CONS + Can Run - Traps + Weapon Strength - Shift + Destruction - Grip Strength + Stalk - Less Hit Points Part 4 Changed Pros & Cons -Water Speed: Removed to improve map control slightly. In its place are -Less HP and -Grip Strength to make him more vulnerable in combat to better reflect the film. +Stalk: Reflects the stealthier than average portrayal of Jason in part 4. Part 5(Roy) PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Traps - Morph Part 5 Added Pros & Cons +Traps - Added because Roy used a lot of improvised methods. -Morph - Added to counter Roy's high map control from the knives and traps. Part 6 PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Sense - Can't Run + Shift - Morph + Grip Strength - Stalk Part 6 Added Pros & Cons +Grip Strength - Added because it's a zombie Jason and to allow for flexibility with environmental kills. -Stalk - Added because as Part 6 Jason plays in the current game Stalk is not frequently used anyway. Additionally he was slightly less sneaky in that film. Part 7 PROS CONS + Sense - Can't Run + Water Speed - Traps + Grip Strength - Stun Resistance + Fear - Morph Part 7 Changed Pros & Cons +Fear - Added to control counselor stamina by more easily keeping it depleted. Twice the Fear accumulation rate. -Shift - Removed to have a stronger land presence. -Stun Resistance is also more accurate to the film. -Morph - Added to balance out high water mobility and Shift's moderate land mobility. Part 8 PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Destruction - Can't Run + Stalk - Grip Strength + Morph - Stun Resistance Part 8 Changed Pros & Cons +Morph - Added to better reflect the film. Allows Part 8 to have more map control. -Stun Resistance - Added to reduce his close range effectiveness when given the extra map control. Part 9 PROS CONS + Stalk - Can't Run + Stun Resistance - Less Hit Points + Shift - Traps + Weapon Strength - Sense Part 9 Added Pros & Cons +Weapon Strength - Added to better reflect the film. The kills were brutal. -Sense Duration - Reflects the film because Jason lost track of the FBI agent at the start. Savini PROS CONS + Shift - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Water Speed + Destruction - Grip Strength + Fear - Stun Resistance Savini Added Pros & Cons +Fear - Added because he's fresh out of hell and damn if that ain't scary. -Stun Resistance - Added to counter Savini's high combat lethality. Jason X PROS CONS + Stalk - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Shift + Morph - Sense + Throwing Knives - Traps Uber Jason PROS CONS + Rage - Can't Run + Stun Resistance - Shift + Weapon Strength - Stalk + Destruction - Water Speed
  2. I had a strike of inspiration yesterday when I saw a screenshot, and decided to share. Apparently, during the alpha it was planned for counselors and Jason to have their own abilities. I wondered what those could have been, and so I came up with some of my own. Let's begin! Adam Palomino and Fox: +30% car starting speed, and driving speed. A.J Mason: Tosses a radio at Jason in the face, stunning him. It resets fear level, and boosts +1 speed for a short period of time. Requeriments: Being within a building with a radio, and standing next to it to trigger an enviromental interaction. The radio is then permanently destroyed. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson: 30% Stun duration. Chad Kensington: +20% attack speed. Deborah Kim: +30% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability while indoors. Homey girl! Eric Lachappa: He comes with a trap disarming kit which enables him to break traps. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. (Who's useless now?) Jenny Myers: Increases +1 Speed per Fear Level. Max +4 Speed at Fear Stage 4. The boost is reset once the fear is completely gone. Tiffany Cox: Damsel in distress. All male characters within a certain range will receive +15% attack speed Kenny Riedell: Head Counselor. All characters within a certain range will receive a +15% increased chance to stun Jason with any weapon. Mitch Floyd: Designated medic. Using a spray on others also heals him for the same amount of health. Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein: He fakes his own death for up to 2 minutes, which gives him a 50% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability. Once used, it has a cooldown of 5,5 minutes. Vanessa Jones: She's able to wrap the arm of an impaired counselor around her shoulder and lead them to safety. They can let go of each other at any time by pressing E. Receiving any damage separates them. Other changes: Improved traps: Disarming traps with pocket knives triggers a minigame with difficulty based on repair skill. More Danger: Failing a skill check while fixing phone boxes and light boxes causes minor damage (Like going through broken windows.) Or/and alternatively... More Fear: Failing any skill check to complete objectives increases fear level by 1. Now, on Jason's part...! In addition, I'd like to bump @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow's thread. Part 2 Jason: Marked. Whomever steps into one of his traps is marked on the minimap for Jason to track for one minute. Part 3 Jason: He automatically enters stealth mode within a certain radio around the barn. It will last until being spotted, then, it will have 2 minutes of cooldown. (He spent most of the movie sneaking around that damn barn, lol.) Part 4 Jason: He gets a minor speed buff that increases for the longer he has been chasing a counselor within a certain radio (Music cue) Part 6 Jason: Tendon slash. He swipes the floor with his spear, creating a large cone in front of him that deals a basic slash damage, and causes counselors to limp for 5 seconds. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown. Part 7 Jason: He can use the chain around his neck to slash counselors from a medium distance and cause basic slash damage. It has 5,5 minutes of cooldown, and can be used while walking. Part 8 Jason: +30% attack speed. Part 9 Jason: +30% stun resistance. Savini Jason: -15% attack speed to counselors nearby.
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