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Found 7 results

  1. (Note: when I write 'Rage' I am referring to the new rage mode. Also I know this post is long but please read through to the end because I didn't write in the most logical order and clarify some things later on) Dear Gun Media, please rework the rage update. I know that Jason is meant to be feared and you felt the game had the wrong sort of feeling- counsellors keeping on stunning Jason just for the sake of it, trolling him etc. I have two main thoughts in regards to the update: 1. Does it actually solve the problem and 2. The negative it may create 1. The fact that he can’t be stunned in rage solves the problem at a surface level. People can't look at the game and think ‘haha this game is a total joke, look at Jason who is meant to be feared getting continuously trolled’ when he kept getting stunned with no payback. Matt and Wes were talking about how players have got familiar with the parameters of the game- hitbox, grab range, timings etc. which allowed them to troll Jason by continuously stunning him. Now although you obviously can’t stun him with a melee weapon after rage (unless you get the mask off), you can still use knowledge of the above to troll him in other ways. It doesn’t look as bad on the surface because he isn’t continuously falling down to the ground and all that. But is letting him run towards you then running away right as he grabs any different? This is obviously just just one of the ways you can ‘subtly troll’ him. Once you understand the limitations of Jason there are multiple ways in which you can do it. A good Jason should be able to easily deal with it but, in my experience, most can’t. Dancing at the exit instead of escaping with the police still happens. Driving around in the car just to annoy Jason instead of escaping still happens. Basically counsellors aren’t acting scared- as you would in real life if Jason was actually after you. But this is a game after all... An unskilled (i.e. "bad") Jason will never be feared. You can still 'troll' him in rage. 2. Obviously your goal is to escape (hopefully before rage) but this may not be possible, especially against a good Jason. I think playing repair characters now is pretty pointless. I play as Vanessa and I fix as Vanessa. You’d hope fast players bring items to objectives for repair characters to fix. Honestly I never see this happening. Sometimes someone will just pick up a part and run around with it the whole game... I don’t even think they do it on purpose they just don’t understand the game. As a repair character you’re slower so searching for parts will take much longer. The time it takes for me to find parts and install them as Vanessa is much faster as an average (obviously luck plays into it depending on where you spawn). Anyhow, thinking about gameplay after escaping is not a feasible option: speed and stamina are your only real friends. Luck doesn’t matter, strength doesn’t matter, nothing else really matters. You can’t stealth it out, after Rage Jason will find you. You can’t hide, even an inexperienced player will find you eventually. So running away from him is the only guaranteed way to survive- and it works for me almost every game. Before Rage, even as a slow counsellor you had a chance to get away as you could try stun him. I don’t play as any other character because it’s such a disadvantage now. A conclusion I guess: People can still troll- it might not look the same but the mindset behind it is. Why do people troll? Because the opponent can be trolled. When I was new did people troll me when I was Jason? Yes. Did I soon become a better, smarter player? Yes. Do I ever get trolled now? No. I know people who are much better Jasons than me, and even I got full lobbies practically every game before Rage. I honestly just found it too easy 9/10 times to kill everyone. Rarely I’d come across skilled counsellors who challenged me and I loved that! Inexperienced Jason + experienced counsellors = trolling. This equation is what seems to have created most of the problems that led to Rage. This is why many multiplayer games have a rank/level based matchmaking system. I understand this isn’t feasible in Friday 13th. But Rage is not the solution in my opinion. Yes, changes needed to be done. I don’t know much about creating games, but surely the end goal that Gun envisioned can be reached in another way. I have many ideas. The fact Jason can now swing at multiple counsellors is a small change, but a very good start. Mainly though, new players can’t expect to be the best Jason and kill every counsellor, especially if they’re more experienced. Every game has a learning curve, offline bots is your best friend to get familiar with Jason. Then you play real matches to see, and begin to understand how people think, and act accordingly. To end: I love Friday 13th There’s a real art to this game, especially in regards to Jason. It requires a certain level intelligence paired with experience. This doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible to all - it just takes time! I think everyone is capable of being good, certainly good enough to get full lobbies before Rage. As the loading screen says “think outside the box, a direct approach may not always be best”. Good usage of stalk is just so sexy. Friday 13th let you be good with style. Now I feel an aspect of that is gone. (Also I honestly think a lot of people complaining were underage and well, there’s a reason the game is 18+. Not even just because of the nature but the intellectual capacity it requires...) When I first played, I was beyond impressed by the amount of work that was put in to making this game (and I still am!). As a fan of the movies, the attention to detail is amazing; I mean right down to the draws, let alone bigger things. I won't begin to list because it’s all equally perfect. It’s not just a couple things, like the beach at crystal lake, the barn at Higgins Haven or Jarvis house. It’s everything, it’s the whole game. Thank you Gun media for making this truly beautiful game. It’s the sole reason I got a PS4 and the only thing I played for months. I waited to write this as I wanted to see how Rage would grow on me. At first I pretended I liked it because of how much I love the game, but unfortunately I’ve found I’ve been playing less and less, as have friends I used to play with. I’m not the best at being succinct but I think this gets my thoughts across as best as possible. I don’t know how the majority of players feel, hence I would love to hear your thoughts! On reddit any mention of not liking Rage seems to be met with contempt, but I certainly know many people who feel the same as I do so maybe we’re not in fact a minority... Anyway, thanks for reading!
  2. I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
  3. Hey folks, I've never done a poll on here, but I figured I ask a few questions and see what kind of feedback people give. Looking to the future for F13:TG, what kinds of improvements would you like to see? Edit: you can select multiple choices.
  4. Best horror character ever? Lets have a civil argument about it.
  5. Since playing the game and as a fanfiction writer myself, I've read some... how shall I say this politely... #!@*^&!! awful fanfiction of everyone's favorite hockey mask wearing killer. I'm just wondering what the overall feeling here on the forum is towards Friday the 13th fanfiction and fanfiction in general.
  6. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying the game. I am an avid MMO player and the multiplayer aspect of the game is quite enjoyable. I'm also having fun with the challenges that the counselors are presenting to ALL Jason variants and of course the sheer horror of surviving against the raging death machine that is Jason. Also, in a twisted way, I like how some of the characters make me want to scream NERF THAT. It means the differing counselors have a challenge aspect that will last more than a few days, which is incredibly important, particularly as we all get acclimated to the controls, maps, and ability optimization of the characters. It is unfortunate that the server issues have left many people "Chad faced", but even the most highly funded and supported games have a miserable day one. In fact, anyone who has any experience of day 1 MMO releases can tell you these issues are very common. The level of communication we've received from this team has been exceptional and, in my opinion, should not be taken for granted. I can tell they truly want us to have a great experience at Crystal Lake. The issues will be short lived, and will result in a more solid environment for them to build upon. Keep up the good work, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing where the mayhem takes us!
  7. I don't like it. Allow me to explain why. Let me start from the beginning. Yesterday, I tuned into the E3 Friday the 13th stream. The game-play we got was great, and although I would have personally preferred something much less scripted, you guys used in game footage, rather than coming to E3 with just another CGI trailer like some other companies(on a quick side note, I understand why it was so heavily scripted, you wanted to show off the features of your game play with no confusion. I'm just stating my preference). I really appreciate that; showing how your game plays is the best way to sell a game to me. What was even better was that you didn't attempt to appear "cinematic" like some trailers, with all sorts of cut shots of the game mashed together at camera angles you'd never see during normal game-play. You showed PURE game-play, cutting the bull shit out of the way and just showing us how your game will play. I've wanted to know how the game would play for a long time, and you delivered, thank you. What I saw was great, a big map to traverse, many unique ways to kill counselors readily available, and Jason being able to teleport around the map to find his prey faster than if he casually walked all around the camp is a great idea. It would have been nice to see more survivor related stuff, like weapons, other pick ups, objectives for them to complete, etc, but you showed a great deal of the game. Again, thank you. I can't wait for future trailers or game-play that show off more in-game features! There is only one thing in particular that I can say I wholly disliked. The short range teleport. The long range one to get around the map is fine, but this other one that can be used during chases? I feel like it's going to take away from the game's immersion. The fear of a chase, as he slowly gains on you while running through the forest, barely able to see in the dark of the night, tripping over rocks, with only the moonlight to guide you that's leaking through the densely covered sky above, all of that good stuff. I can't help but think that teleporting belongs to some super natural monster(Slender comes to mind), not a big, terrifying, but still human killer like Jason. He walks faster than the counselors by a hefty amount in some other footage I've noticed, so once they are out of stamina, they're screwed. I really feel that this teleport will take away from the immersion of the game, as well as ruin some potential long, tension building chase scenarios. I've seen this argument a lot when it comes to defending the teleport ability. People say that it seems like he teleports around in the movies, how else would he be able to get to certain places or keep up with people running from him while walking? I can't see why seemingly teleporting off screen in the movies justifies full on teleporting during chases in the game. Imagine this. You look back while running from Jason, and you see he is a good distance behind you, so you stop sprinting and walk for just a moment to try and regain your breath. You look back two seconds later, and then he is right behind you. After a quick jump-scare and a quicker death, the player is left frustrated with how much ground he suddenly gained. The player couldn't predict that. Many people have also been questioning how over powered Jason looks, and I have to agree. He is meant to have a big edge on the counselors, but it may be a bit overboard from what I've seen. I realize it will be balanced and changed likely in the future, but I feel it will be an uphill battle of trying to get it so the ability is not overpowered or underpowered. In short, my main gripe with the ability is it will take away from the immersion, cause frustration for counselors, be hard to balance, and take away from the dynamic of the chase. A potential solution to the immersion breaking some have suggested goes as follows, "If Jason is seen by any counselor, just prevent the use of his teleport ability. This way the counselor could look back while running to prevent Jason from gaining any ground, while also putting themselves at risk of running into something, tripping, or running into a trap. A risk and reward scenario for them to weigh out in each moment." The problem with this is Jason will try to press the button to teleport to speed up his moving around the map, only for it to fail. He will immediately deduce that someone sees him, and now your cover is blown. With the long range map crossing teleport, this won't be a problem, since it will likely be on a longer cool-down. The short range teleport will likely be on a shorter cool-down, and will probably lose its highlight on the hud when it is unusable when seen. That, or it will just flat out not work, which still tells Jason that someone sees him. I would like to suggest another ability to take its places that serves a similar purpose, without breaking the immersion. Two actually. The first would be a lunge attack that can either hurt the counselor, or finish off a hurt counselor if they're close enough when the lunge connects, with a cool animation of the machete going straight through their chest/back, before letting them slowly slide off the machete and onto the ground. Missing the lunge would slow down Jason just a tad for a moment, but it would give you the reward of an attack with extra range if you hit it. The second ability would be a much more basic one, just a burst of speed on an ability. Jason would still be walking, just faster. This ability would have to be gated by a longish cool-down if it makes him faster than the counselors while they sprint for the duration, as well as making its own sound blip for the survivors to see in a much smaller radius around them if Jason spams it willy nilly to get around faster. Maybe the burst of speed can be fear based, gating it by having a counselor already be extremely scared before he can use it. These are just my two suggestions, but I'm sure there are other abilities that could close gaps on counselors that could fit with Jason's theme better. Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider my suggestion. Counter points to convince me over are welcome. After-all, maybe the lack of information currently on the specifics of the ability, or the fact we're still in early alpha, and thus, lacking the polish at the moment to make it work and look right is the issue! Let me know what you guys think! P.S. A 2 in 1 suggestion for you, how about making it so Jason can only use the long range map teleport while in the woods or shadow, into only woods or shadow? That way he can't just spawn in the middle of one of the more open areas. It would be just like the movies, you never see how he gets from place to place, but he seems to just show up from nowhere.
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