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Found 1 result

  1. OK, I was in a private session with a few friends and a couple of people who were invited. Played the first match as Deborah (on random), and succeeded in calling Tommy, helping to fix the car, and escaping. Second match was as Jenny. I survived for almost the full round, but Jason got me in a cabin after the 2 minute warning. I was out of stam, the lights were off, and he cornered me. Then, I came in as Jason on Higgins Haven. (Part 3, again on random) I collected knives, went to the phone house and trapped. Then went to the 4 seater and trapped the gas and battery. I thought I was set. I went about breaking windows, smashing doors, and killing generators. I succeeded in taking out Mitch with the tried and true "Axe to the crotch", and, unfortunately, killed Fox with a headpunch. (I had no room to do anything else). Then, it happened. I stopped the car with four people in it, and decided to make my move. I screwed up, and got surrounded by 2 Vanessas, a Chad (with that fucking speedo on), and Tiffany. All four of them had weapons. My mask was gone fairly quickly, and I couldn't seem to find a way out of there. I got stunlocked for a while, and finally got away. Do not doubt that there was plenty of shit talking during this time. We are pretty ruthless to each other. After this, I see Tommy in a campground. I immediately morphed to the shack to drop a trap by the door and then shifted back to the four seater. TIffany (I guess she had the mask since I didn't get an audio clue) screwed up and stunned me with the sweater before they had everything in line. I ended up killing TIffany with the axe to the face and decapitation, which might be one of my favorite Pt. 3 kills, and wasting Tommy with the 2 hand choke. Everyone else escaped. 4/8. Other than the stupid decision to stay around that car when everyone bailed out with weapons, I thought I played a fairly solid match. My friends had different opinions though..."We should have killed your dumb ass." "What the fuck were you thinking?" and, my favorite, "TIffany knocked you on your ass!" My friends are dicks! Does anyone else have some fun match stories to share?
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