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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! So watching through some of the Friday the 13th's one of my favorite characters has got to be Eva Watanabe, she is a pretty simple character from part 8 who is a pretty nice person going to school with a scholarship and has some bad luck when she finally encounters Jason. Eva Watanabe "The Loyal Friend" 1. Counselor Model Here are two pictures of what she looks like in the movie, something I noticed is she has hair longer then her shoulders which currently does not happen with any female counselors. 2. Counselor Stats So one thing I noticed doesn't exist in the game that I always thought would be a cool stat distribution is a runner/fixer mix, this kind of fits with Eva as she looks youthful enough to have a good physique along with a scholarship proving she is smart enough to make her way through education. However she's not bulky or particularly lucky in the movie which also goes into my personal thoughts on her stat distribution. Composure: 6/10 Luck: 2/10 Repair: 8/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 8/10 Strength: 1/10 --------------- Total : 35 So as you can see Eva would excel in actually finding the parts herself and take them to objectives to fix them herself. She has a great stamina pool and average speed to help her move around the map. Her repair will also allow her to do objectives very nicely with little chance to fail. Her tradeoffs are definitely her luck and strength which will pretty much guarantee she has little fight to put up against Jason, and even if she does her weapons will be gone within a matter of time. Tell me what you guys think of having Eva Watanabe in the game and what her stats would play out like if you disagree with my own! Also make sure to like this post if you guys want to see Eva Watanabe as a playable counselor! Credits: RexFellis : Stat Distribution Slasher_Clone : Trope name Qcici: Revised Stat Distribution
  2. Ever since Melissa’s thread was a success I have seen many threads asking for: Eva Watanabe, Alice Hardy, Megan Garris, Reggie “The Reckless” etc. So I thought I would make a thread asking for Jason Voorhees’s first ever survivor: Ginny Field. In the best part of the end of the movie she managed to run from Jason and use her brains to hide from him and attack him, this should give her high stamina, stealth and intelligence However, at the beginning of the movie she needed Paul to help her fix her car so she would need low repair. Also Jason found her under the bed but she also managed to trick him into thinking she was Pamela so this would give her average luck. In the shack, Jason realised she wasn’t Pamela and stopped her from trying to kill him. This should give her low strength since he managed to stop her. Obviously, Ginny would be a great character for the sweater and it would be stupid if she wasn’t since she used on Jason in the movie. Her trope is the “The Psychologist” since in the movie she is an aspiring psychologist which is how she tricked Jason into thinking she was Pamela. So that’s it! I personally would love to see her in the game.
  3. Annie Phillips I just realized that many of us like her, and many of us would like to see her in the game. Yeah, probably not going to happen, but it would be cool to see how many people wants her! The stats that I, personaly, would put on her are: Composure: 6/10 - She didn't seem completly scared when Pamela attacked her. Actually, she seemed pretty confident and brave. Luck: 3/10 - First person to die at that killingspree. Repair: 3/10 - She really looks that she likes to learn! So probably she knows a thing or two about putting gas on a car or a boat. Speed: 7/10 - She lost Pamela even with her leg hurted. Stamina: 5/10 - She can walk long distances, but run long distances? Stealth: 6/10 - Again, she lost Pamela at the woods, but didn't longed so much. Strength: 5/10 - I guess she can put herself on a fight with Jason without problem! What are your opinions? Maybe my perspective is too similar to Fox's stats, but hey! You can make your own vision of her stats! And i would like to see it. (Sorry for my bad english.)
  4. Tanya Cox "Tiffany's twin Sister" we decided she would be based on the first twin that was killed that while had to keep up with tiffany, she was a little smarter than her sister. She would wear the same start up clothing as tiffany of course, but then you could give her, her own colors or the same up to you guys. Maybe a future costume could be a pajama outfit she wore in the movie. She would also have a different hair style, they are twins but they need a hair style that picks them apart. Composure 6 (but can be fixed to your liking as she is shy) Luck 2 (because she gets turned down by a guy in the movie) Repair 4 or 5 (because she is a tad smarter than tiff is) Speed 5 or 6 Stamina 6 or 7 (because in the movie she had to keep up with her sister) Stealth 4 (because she gets killed first off) Strength 1 (because shes weaker but smarter) In other words a weaker, but slightly smarter twin sister for Tiffany. I've only edited the hair since she's a twin
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