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Found 5 results

  1. An idea struck me to allow passengers in vehicles to provide some help to the driver. Think of this: If the character has a shotgun or flare gun, when they hold the "aim" button(LMB on PC), their character sticks a portion of themselves out of the car window and aims their gun, or aims their gun normally if they are on the boat. This could potentially include melee weapons to get a drive-by hit on Jason. Of course counselors are vulnerable during this animation. They could also throw firecrackers out of a car window or drop items out of the car window for remaining counselors to use so that they don't have to get out and drop them. Now this would require new animations so I would not expect it soon, but if it were included I could imagine it taking a few months to be added. What do you think of this idea?
  2. Gun should add an avoid player feature. This would allow you to add people you don't wish to play with. You can add cheaters, glitchers, exploiters, boring players(ie jasons that just swing), whoever you want. Then it would just filter those players out while searching for a game. Eventually cheaters, glitchers, and exploiters will only be able to play with themselves. Maybe have the feature have levels of avoidance like never play with this person(cheater) or avoid but not completely block for a boring player. This could be a great way to filter out the people that ruin the game for others. This is a far better solution than -1000xp for team killers too. If they keep up there trollful ways they will have nobody to play with.
  3. This game will significantly improve (teamwork wise) if we had voice commands. This will help players who have the inability to speak (disability) or the players who don't use their mics. Teamwork will help a lot wether asking for assistance or warning your counselor. There should be commands such as: -"Run!" -"Follow Me." -"Need bandage." -"Shhhh." Or "Hide." -"Take this." -"No." -"Ok." -"Hurry!" Best button would be the up D-Pad for consoles (Don't know for PC) and have the right analog stick to point at the command.
  4. They should add bicycles to the game. Crazy Ralph and the double mints surely left their bikes around here somewhere. I can think of two ways they could implement bikes. 1.) simple faster transportation around map. Can't be used to escape just get from a to b quicker. 2.) escape route. fix a tire and chain and ride to freedom. I'm always up for new content and this seems like it could fit in nicely. I'll even add a poll to see who's in favor or against.
  5. Being to communicate with other counselors with emotes could help with Co operation for counselors without voice comms Examples Hand gestures: Follow me Shhhh Go away Point to object (e.g take from this draw I'm full of items) Panic emotes: Praying Begging towards a direction (pls don't kill me please) Taunts: Whistle Shouting Jason to attract his attention Possibly emotes for Jason too, that of course don't break his character such as a dance emote, if I see a Jason dabbing I'd kill myself
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