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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I have recently been doing more slashing to help spread out counselors and avoid pocket knives. I have noticed that after a successful slash, there doesn't seem to be anything Jason can do to avoid their counterhit. Keep in mind that I need to test this more, but I wanted to see what other people are doing to avoid getting hit in the face lol.
  2. Jason is bound, or locked into, lengthy animations no matter what he does and is almost always vulnerable because of it. Examples: If Jason grabs a counselor, he can be stunned while doing so and enter a second animation of him being stuned Breaking down a door, Jason can be stunned immediately after the door breaks because he has to follow through with the animation- again locking him in a stunned animation This is why Jason's melee strikes are so important and why Jason is more or less screwed at close range lately: Jason is easily stunned and far from deadly if you're near him. There are no guaranteed kills with a grab due to being stunned. The only way to ensure a kill is to melee strike and Jason's hit detection is horrendous right now, making the task's success based more on luck than skill. There are Jason's who can't hit a crouching counselor. Combat stance for Jason should be removed and he should be able to block at any time. Jason should always be deadly at close range and it should always be a risk to attempt to combat Jason. Jason needs to be able to reliably hit a counselor going through a window. The invisible barrier needs to be removed. Stun times should be shortened for Jason when a counselor uses a pocketknife or is freed by another counselor. Firecrackers should not be able to interrupt a grab (once Jason is holding the counselor). I'm not saying these are all great ideas but something needs to be done- particularly to allow Jason to effectively defend himself at close range. Stun times are too lengthy and there is no penalty for counselors gaining up on Jason. The most important change, other than fixing his broken grab, is making his melee strikes actually do what they're supposed to do. If you agree or disagree, feel free to say so. Make constructive suggestions if you have any. @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier
  3. I would really love if we were able to run Jason over with the car, it would make it for some extremely exciting moments, like instead of when you hit Jason he automatically does the smash animation it should be, the only way he smashes the car is if he hits the button comand at the right time and when hes coming out of shift. And I also would LOVE if they gave Jason more ways to attack besides just grabbing for a kill animation and/or slashing, what if Jason could grab counselors and throw them across the room, that would be great, or back hand them the way he did Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason. It would certainly help when a group of counselors surround Jason and jump him lol
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