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Found 1 result

  1. Jasons with +Stalk, should burn significantly less of the stalk time when moving while in stalk. Jasons that can run, should be slightly faster than a counselors jogging speed (Vanessa I’m looking at you) Jason should be able to pick up thrown knives depending on where it landed. If it landed on a hard surface then it should break but if landed on the ground. He should be able to pick it back up but the knife will do 25% less damage. To make +Grip Strength actually useful, Jasons that have that strength should require at least 2 hits before dropping a counselor. Fix combat stance When surrounded by counselors, blocking should reduce even more damage. One of the Jasons should also have a plus defense strength. Where the HP is higher and weapons break faster if they hit Jason with it. A Jason should also have a plus fear strength. Not all of them of course. The plus fear will make fear increase faster for counselors and also take more time to recover stamina for them. (Got the idea from this video
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